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Vancouver City Hall – All You Need to Know for Your Micro Wedding Program in 2022

Hello, Vancouver soon-to-be-married couples! We know it might seem challenging to hold a wedding during COVID time and some couples, unfortunately, have to postpone it. But have you ever heard of micro wedding programs? It’s such a great option to make your marriage become official over this time! Here is the helpful information you’ll need to consider holding a small wedding in Vancouver City Hall.


The desired time to register

Due to Covid-19 health & safety, spots for the micro wedding program in Vancouver City Hall are limited. You should plan to register your program as soon as you can, that helps open more choices of preferred time and date for your wedding day. Reserve your micro wedding spot also provides both of you and the wedding staff extra time for wedding preparation, making sure everything is impeccable.

The capacity of a micro wedding

The maximum of people attending the small wedding is 10, including the groom and bride, two witnesses, an officiant, a Vancouver wedding photographer, and four wedding guests.  

Arrival time

You should be aware of the time to arrive at Vancouver City Hall. The wedding staff will inform you of the designated arrival time via email in advance. It’s not suggested if you come to the wedding too late or too early because the wedding staff only allow you to enter the City Hall once everyone shows up and your designated arrival time has come. With that being said, you should plan the time with all your guests, ideally 30 minutes before the start of the wedding. 

Parking information

Free parking is available on 12th avenue with a maximum of 5 vehicles for your wedding group. If your wedding group comes with extra vehicles or the free parking lot is full, the other option is the pay parking along Yukon Street or on the City Hall campus with a low-cost fee. 

(Source: City of Vancouver)

Access to Vancouver City Hall – Private entrance

An important thing to remember that you’re not allowed to access City Hall from Public Entrance. Instead, for any micro wedding groups, you can only enter the hall through the Private Wedding Entrance on 12th Avenue as soon as everybody in your group shows up (Check map)

Health & safety assessment

When your wedding group is in attendance, the wedding staff in City Hall will come and guide your group to conduct the health assessment prior to entry to the City Hall.

Make sure you’re responsible and follow all health procedures when attending the small wedding program such as use sanitizer if needed, remain 2m distance from others, keep your face masks on inside the building, etc.

(Photo: 48 Studio)

Micro wedding ceremony in Vancouver City Hall

– As you and your group enter the Vancouver City Hall, the wedding staff will guide you where to stay inside during the ceremony and give the bride and broom, the Vancouver wedding photographer, and other guests thorough instructions of the dos and don’ts at the ceremony.

The micro wedding ceremony lasts for 30 minutes. After that, you’re welcomed to take your wedding photo as a group. However, if guests stay closer than 2m, make sure everyone has face masks on.

(Photo: 48 Studio)

For more information about the micro wedding program in Vancouver City Hall, please visit


Working with different wedding couples during COVID time brings 48 Studio’s wedding photographers lots of valuable, professional experience for improvement and growth in every aspect. This time, 48 Studio is honored to attend a micro wedding in Vancouver City Hall as the main wedding photographer for our clients. Getting involved in the micro wedding program in City Hall offers 48 Studio a closer look at what to expect from the micro wedding in City Hall, plus hands-on experience that helps 48 Studio become more specialized in the field. 48 Studio’s pleased to provide you some of the key points based on our experience that soon-to-be-married couples may need when considering holding a micro wedding in Vancouver City Hall.


– The process of the micro wedding register is efficient and thorough. The wedding staff is professional and does a great job in providing informative instructions from a to z that helps you get rid of any confusion.

– Either inside or outside the building, Vancouver City Hall offers lots of beautiful spots for wedding photos. Make sure you discuss with the wedding staff in advance to find out available and good spots for the wedding photographs. 

– Free parking for the wedding group is another good point, more than that, Vancouver City Hall also provides charging stations for electrical vehicles. 


The only disadvantage we found here is that free parking slots are limited and can be filled quickly. Therefore, you may need to park in the other pay parking lots located nearby. 

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