Tips to get your best fall wedding photos

The fall season is the perfect time to get married for many couples. If you plan a fall wedding this year, you probably start thinking about how to get your most beautiful fall wedding photos. Here are some helpful tips and tricks that you may need for your perfect fall wedding album!


When you want to incorporate the autumn spirit into your wedding photos, landscape photography is undoubtedly the best suit. It’s the art of capturing the beauty of nature and the wedding couple in a way that brings the viewer wow factors. In Vancouver, there are plenty of great outdoor spots for fall wedding photos, namely Stanley Park, Kitsilano, or Trout Lake. Shooting inside such a splendid environment would give you an unforgettable experience. In addition, it gives your Vancouver wedding photographers a chance to play around with the natural elements, creating beautiful and emotional fall wedding photos. A posing tip for couples when taking landscape shots is to try to interact with each other as naturally as you can. For example, holding each other’s hands while walking or running, dancing joyfully in gorgeous scenery will surely generate a better result.

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Shooting your fall wedding photos during golden hour is a must! The warm, soft glow on your portraits together with the bright yellow and orange tones in the background will make you can’t help falling in love. Golden hour time brings you lots of opportunities for creativity in your wedding photo session. In fact, lighting situation is key to nail everything. For instance, backlighting is perfect for dramatic silhouettes or the lens flares effect will add visual excitement to your photos. To make the most of the golden hour photo shoot, remember to plan location and time with your wedding photographers beforehand. Therefore, you can maximize your time when the golden hour starts.

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Incorporating as many fall tones will help your fall wedding photos stick to the theme. When scouting outdoor locations for a photo session, pay attention to the variety of fall foliage, its colors, and the composition of fall trees. A perfect outdoor location for fall wedding photos is where offers a large number of fall trees with different shades of yellow and orange. Furthermore, the spot should be spacious enough for wedding photographers to capture the whole beautiful fall background.


There are tons of special things that only exist in autumn, like colorful foliage, pumpkins, unique flowers, and more. Using what’s unique in the season will get you in the spirit of fall, thus, enhancing the theme of your fall wedding photos. You will no longer get worried about what to use as wedding props, these colorful leaves, flowers or fall specialty will help you out! Besides using them raw, why not doing DIY? It not only brings fun but also creates meaningful wedding memory when you look back. For example, with the colorful leaves, you can easily make a beautiful string of leaves or stick them all on a giant photo frame. Don’t hesitate to try things out, tutorials on Pinterest or YouTube are always available once you need them.


Last but not least, remember to keep everything simple. Unlike indoor photo shoot, the simpler it is, the more beautiful your fall wedding photos get. Therefore, don’t get overwhelmed or too worried about what to prepare for your photoshoot, just feel relax and enjoy the process. Come to your fall wedding photo shoot with full of energy and be ready to rock it!

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Best locations for fall wedding photos in Vancouver

For soon-to-be-married couples, if you plan to have your fall wedding photos in Vancouver, but are still unsure about locations? Check this post out! Here are our picks for the best places for your fall wedding photoshoot in this beautiful city.


Fall is a great occasion for a photo walk around the seawall. In Stanley Park, you can see some of the most dramatic fall foliage in Vancouver city. The fact that Stanley Park is located in downtown Vancouver makes it more accessible for soon-to-be married couples. Taking fall wedding photos in Stanley Park during golden hour deserves a spot on your to-do list! The whole colorful foliage will be brightened up, adding more effect to your photos. Note that the Park is large and consists of different unique areas, therefore, it’s advisable to decide on specific fall photoshoot locations with your Vancouver wedding photographers.


Located in the heart of Vancouver, VanDusen Botanical Garden has become one of the hottest spots to visit during Autumn. You will have a chance to see a magical color palette of red, gold, and orange as the trees start changing their leaves. The combination of the lake and fall foliage nearby amazingly creates a dreamy vibe for your fall wedding photos. Don’t miss checking in the spectacular ginkgo trees in the garden, they will make your every shot worth it! There will be a small entrance fee, you can book tickets on their website in advance to prevent a sold-out.

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It’s not exaggerated to say UBC campus stays gorgeous any time of the year, and fall is not an exception! Every fall, the trees surrounding UBC campus turn to beautiful autumn colors. There are some great spots located inside the campus for fall wedding photos like Nitobe Memorial Garden or UBC Botanical Garden. These places ask to book tickets in advance, so prepare ahead. In addition, they are also open for specific hours, make sure to plan a detailed time with your Vancouver wedding photographers for the efficiency of the fall wedding photoshoot. If you don’t feel like checking in those gardens, you can simply take a stroll along Main Mall for the best fall wedding photos!

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Burnaby Mountain Park is undoubtedly a perfect destination for who desire dynamic fall wedding photos. The bright foliage together with breathtaking views from the mountain will blow your mind. To feature the best autumn vibe in your wedding pictures, you can try taking shots at Panorama Trail. The long colorful tree rows in two sides not only delivers its cinematic effect but also plays as a beautiful backdrop, making the couples pop out. If you choose Burnaby Mountain Park as the location for your wedding photoshoot, be aware and prepare for the weather. The temperature will be lower up there, sometimes includes little rain during the fall.


When it comes to fall wedding photo locations, we can’t miss Gastown! Autumn foliage covers the cobblestone streets of Gastown. There’s always magic in the air here, but the vibrant autumn vibes make it even more so. With the orange, red leaves, and brick building, your fall wedding photos will deliver the best vibe of autumn and make you completely fall in love.


Trout Lake is one of the best spots in Vancouver to soak up all those autumn colors before winter sets in. The place will serve you a breathtaking seasonal show with a sea of red leaves painting a ruby lane through the park. Couples will have the opportunity to try different fall wedding concepts for engagement and wedding photos. Make sure to include the fall reflection shot on the lake, the orange and red foliage on the water will create a beautiful and unique backdrop.

Everything about Fall wedding in Vancouver

Knock knock! The fall season is just around the corner. Are you folks in Vancouver get ready for a perfect fall wedding yet? Here is what you should know to prepare for a fall wedding in Vancouver!


Fall is a transitional season with an increase in the clash between cold, dry air, and warm. The cool fall temperature will bring comfort and pleasure to everyone. There’s no longer hot and humid like it is during the summer or cold and dry like it is in the winter. That is to say, the early autumn is considered the perfect time to celebrate your wedding. You can’t help but fall in love with the cool weather and the iconic fall color palette in autumn. They are together creating a romantic atmosphere on your wedding day. In Vancouver, the weather tends to get rainy and humid from mid-fall. Therefore, it’s advisable to hold your fall wedding in Vancouver around September. That’s the time when the weather is more predictable, plus, the leaves are changing their colors, creating a dreamy backdrop for your wedding.


For folks in Vancouver, there’s no need to worry about wedding venues! You are open to an unlimited choice of Vancouver wedding venues that fit fall weddings. They include gorgeous hotels and restaurants to lovely gardens and parks. If you’re a fan of nature and excited to embrace the stunning colors that come with fall, outdoor wedding venues will be the ideal option. The only thing you need to keep in mind when deciding on your Vancouver outdoor wedding venue is the weather condition. Unlike autumn in other countries, autumn in Vancouver is quite hard to predict, it can randomly involve both rain and sun in a day. For this reason, Vancouver fall wedding preparation is everything. Make sure you have top shelters or something similar installed to avoid the sudden rain during the wedding ceremony.

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Autumn leaves lots of room for gorgeous fall wedding decoration ideas. With the leaves changing into yellows, oranges, and reds, they undoubtedly create the most vibrant beautiful color palette that can inspire your style of décor. A useful tip to make your wedding décor stay harmonious is to add fall signature elements in every single detail. For example, wooden material can be used for ceremony signs, it will bring the best autumn vibe you ever asked for. Additionally, you can touch up the wedding settings with some small decorative details like pumpkins, warm string lights, or candles.

In terms of wedding flowers, the in-season blooms will not let you down! Some fall iconic colors like orange, red, yellow, purple can be found in Garden Roses, Dahlias, Cymbidium Orchids, and so on. Don’t forget to ask your wedding florist Vancouver to include fall foliage into your arrangement, and let the colors of the leaves guide the rest of the blooms.


Surprise wedding guests with your creative wedding menus. Browsing what’s in season is a good idea to start. In Canada, during fall, you can see colorful fruits like apples, cranberries, pears, and pomegranates available, along with fresh vegetables like squash, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes. After that, try to incorporate these goodies into your wedding menu for a fall flavor kick. For the starter, you can make something light and hearty like creamy pumpkin soup or grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. In short, a fall wedding in Vancouver is a great occasion to celebrate seasonal flavors, a great time to share your autumn favorites with your wedding guests.

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Vancouver or Canada, in general, is famous for its maple trees, the vibrant autumn color has always been a prominent feature of the landscape. Therefore, shooting fall wedding pictures can be the most exciting thing for wedding couples ever! The colorful environment will allow Vancouver wedding photographers to layer different elements, creating gorgeous wedding photography. If you love to have a more dramatic effect in your wedding photos, you can’t miss the fall golden hour. The sun in the background will cast a warm, soft glow on your wedding portraits. This amplifies yellow and orange tones in the background as well, making the wedding photos shine. There are countless fall wedding photo styles, a tip is to check out Pinterest, The Knot, or other wedding galleries to get some inspiration!

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The 6 most popular wedding themes

Wedding themes will help establish the tone for wedding day and will drive any aesthetic decisions made after that. The fact that there are several wedding styles and variants somewhat will make you feel a little bit overwhelmed. But we’ve got your back – A list of popular wedding themes with details and useful tips will help you figure out your ideal wedding theme for your big day!


No surprise! The classic wedding theme remains popular from year to year and will never go out of style. Generally speaking, a classic wedding theme frequently features a soft color scheme, plenty of clean lines, and beautiful white florals. The setting will bring you the vibe of timelessness, sophisticated elegance all over the place. If you’re not a fan of trendy wedding styles, then a classic theme is probably a good option for you.

Unlike other wedding themes, a classic wedding only involves simple decorations. The great part about it is that you can easily incorporate your signature style or personal preferences into the theme. For example, you can use unique textures like lace, embroidery, or rhinestones to add delights to your tablescapes. In addition, you can make your theme simple yet interesting by using contrast tones for flatware and stemware. To help you during the decoration process, don’t forget to look for classic wedding theme inspirations on websites like Pinterest or The knot, then customize and tailor them into your own ideas.


The rustic wedding theme is considered the most popular one in 2021 and continue to be on-trend in the future. The rustic theme gives off a more relaxed vibe that’s all about the wedding evoking a sense of chill. As you can imagine, rustic weddings will feature earthy elements, muted color palettes, the appearance of mason jars, mismatch vases, and so on. For that fact, rustic décor will be right up your alley if you’re a big fan of DIY. It’s absolutely meaningful when you can make your own wedding details and proudly tell your guests that those decorations are self-made. The best advice to choose the right wedding venues for this theme is to consider rural areas, places that involve vineyards, cellar doors or heritage homesteads.

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Garden weddings are perfectly suited to couples who have a love for the outdoors, it opens up a world of styling ideas for your ceremony and reception. The signature setting of the garden theme is filled with plenty of candles, flowers, and greenery centerpieces. That made the wedding atmosphere is incredibly romantic and unforgettable. On top of that, a garden wedding style could help save you some money on wedding decoration too! Choosing a garden theme means you already have a beautiful natural backdrop. To enhance its appearance, you can add some touches of flowers or soft fabrics elements, however, it’s totally optional. The only thing you need to consider garden wedding theme carefully is the weather condition. Therefore, make sure you plan your wedding day ahead and keep updated on the weather.

When it comes to Vancouver weddings, the garden wedding theme is the most popular during the summer. The beautiful nature and gorgeous blooms will surely make you fall in love. There are also numerous of wedding venues available in the summer, check out this post to know more about Vancouver outdoor wedding locations.

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Similar to the rustic wedding themes, bohemian weddings are all about embracing a laid-back atmosphere. Dream catchers, boho-chic vintage rugs, floral table runners, and wooden decorating elements are key to pulling off this theme. Note that the look of the groom and bride should match the spirit of the wedding as the bohemian theme is specific and unique. An airy wedding dress with lace details would work the best in this case. It comes with many different wedding silhouettes that you can pick one that fits your body the most. For venue decor, keep it simple and elegant, with oriental rugs lining the aisle and altar, decorative pillows, and hanging macramé decorations.


Modern wedding themes cover a wide range of styles. They can be either festive & vibrant weddings or minimal & loft-style weddings. It’s up to your taste! This year, we’re seeing sleek fabrics, dried florals, statement installations and velvety lounge zones in modern weddings. Additionally, people also use mirrors and contrasting colors & textures to enhance the look of modern weddings. When you’re seeking a wedding venue, make sure to select a high-ceilinged room as it reflects the modern style the most. Also, your modern wedding style would be on point if you choose timber or concrete floors plus large windows. Another tip is to ask your event planner about the newest trends and bring your signature style to your wedding decorations.

(Photo: Southern California Bride)


Glamourous wedding style is all about luxury décor, delicate lightings, and stunning flower decorations. These are wow factors to everyone who joins the wedding. The main color palette should be refined and elegant – some popular colors used to be paired are gold, silver, white, black and gray. And don’t forget to add a little bit of sparkle to make your wedding feel more dramatic! For example, things like chairs, invitation cards, tableware, the wedding cakes can be made glitter. You may also play around with string lights, uplighting, or even candles to incorporate with your décor. When hosting a glamorous wedding, it’s advisable to choose a moderately formal venue such as ballrooms or historic venues. These places would give your wedding celebration a stronger sense of extravagant and opulent.

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Top tips for choosing your wedding photographers

It’s critical to select an ideal wedding photographer who will capture those meaningful moments and know your vision for your wedding day. There are numerous wedding photographers out there, but you can only choose one. For this reason, 48 Studio suggests you some tips to choose the right wedding photographers for your special day!


First thing first, deciding on your photography style will help guide you better along the process of choosing your wedding photographers. Therefore, you should start thinking of your favourite photography style, colors, and concepts, asking questions like what you are looking for in wedding photos, you want them either indoor, outdoor, or both. If you run out of ideas, don’t stress too much! There are lots of websites providing great wedding photos for inspiration that you can refer to, namely Pinterest, Unsplash, Pexels or check out our blog about wedding photo concepts.

For folks in Vancouver, you’ll have a lot of photo concept options as the city offers beautiful and romantic backdrops. Wedding photography Vancouver can be made vintage (Gastown), dynamic (Whistler, Lynn Canyon,…), or soft (UBC garden, Stanley Park,…). It all depends on your taste!


The next important thing is planning your wedding photography budget. Depending on your financial allowance, you should set your budget in a range. That will help you find your wedding photographers so much easier. In general, wedding photography cost from wedding photographers varies. Factors that decide the difference in cost are years of experience, wedding photographers’ reputation, equipment used, and the size of the photography team.

If you are looking for Vancouver affordable wedding photographers, you may not want to miss our 48 Studio Service. 48 Studio provides professional wedding photography services at a reasonable price. Our team work really hard to bring the best quality to customers yet maintain a competitive price. Check out 48 wedding photography service prices.

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When you have a list of wedding photographers on hand, now it’s time to “stalk” their work. In fact, checking photographers’ portfolios is considered important. It will help you get a sense of their photography styles and strengths. Normally, wedding photographers are flexible with different kinds of photo concepts. Yet, they still have their own style, artsy mood, and even unique camera angles. With that being said, a bit of good advice is to identify and note down their photography styles while viewing the photo gallery. That would fasten up your process, helping you to determine your wedding photographers.


Hearing from others’ opinions is also considered a great tip. It helps you make sure you’re hiring true professional wedding photographers for an important occasion. If they have the experience, then they should certainly have a lot of testimonials and great references from previous clients. You can find ratings & reviews online via their websites, Facebook pages, and make sure to read through them thoroughly. Another way is to kindly ask wedding photographers for previous clients’ contacts. Don’t hesitate to speak with them, they will give you a lot of insights, how the creative process looks like, the weaknesses, and the strengths of each photographer.


Meeting in person is exactly the time to build trust between you and wedding photographers. Additionally, during the conversations, it would suggest their personalities, whether you can vibe with them, feel relaxed or not. Make sure to only choose photographers that you feel trusted, feel confident to work with to capture the biggest day of your life.

One tip to figure things out is to ask questions related to their work, questions about your pre-wedding photoshoot, your style, and your expectations. Professional wedding photographers will confidently go through your questions, giving you relevant answers. They would also patiently spend time discussing with you to figure out the style, photo concepts as well as what you want in the wedding photos.

Top Vancouver wedding venues (Part I)

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the most important decisions to make when planning a wedding. You will tend to hesitate to decide on only one venue among numerous of them. Therefore, this blog introduces you the most popular Vancouver wedding venues to help filter out your options! Don’t forget to share your experience with these wedding venues if you have any!


UBC Botanical Garden is among top wonderful Vancouver wedding venues to host a classic or romantic-themed wedding during the Spring/summer season. The joyful atmosphere and the natural green background will lighten up your outdoor wedding and make it become unforgettable. UBC Botanical Garden includes “Blush Package” and “Rose Package”. Each of them offers a different area of the garden and provides wide choices of services like table & light setup, floral arrangement, decoration, and so on. The typical cost of this Vancouver wedding venue around $700 – $2,500. For more info, you can visit their main site to pick your ideal package based on your preference:


If UBC Botanical Garden brings you the whole natural vibe, Koerner’s Pub is the combination of nature and urban chic aesthetic. This Vancouver wedding venue is a perfect fit for a modern or rustic wedding, for couples who love the outdoor patio and garden areas in one place. Koerner’s Pub offers a two-level patio that can accommodate over 300 guests. In addition, the venue also provides access to garden adjacent for those who need a ceremony location. Catering service including bar makes Koerner’s Pub unique from other venues. Above all, the variety and good quality of dishes on the menu are absolutely a plus point for Koerner’s Pub. The venue costs around $2,500 excluding catering. Visit their site for more info:


The Vancouver wedding venue is located in the beautiful Stanley Park with a stunning garden view. In fact, Stanley Park Pavilion offers 4 different spaces (the Lord Stanley Ballroom, the Tea Room, Stanley’s Bar & Grill, and the Formal Gardens) that allow you to host your wedding either indoor or outdoor. The neutral colour palette of the 4 venues would definitely match with elegant, romantic, or classic wedding themes. Furthermore, the interior design of each venue will not let you down. The high ceilings, transparent window featuring natural light from the garden will create a dreamy and lavish backdrop. Visit their site to request a quote here:


The Burnaby wedding venue is located at Deer Lake. The venue has a beautiful natural surrounding that only requires a short drive from Vancouver mainland. The Hart House Restaurant is suitable for a big outdoor wedding because it offers a spacious wedding area that can accommodate up to 200 guests. With the bright theme decoration, the Hart House Restaurant would make your wedding stand out and shine gorgeously. Visit their site for more info:


If your wedding falls in the rainy season, or simply you want your wedding hosted indoors, Vancouver Convention Centre would be a great option among all Vancouver indoor wedding venues. It is located on the edge of the downtown harbour with breathtaking views of the North Shore mountains, this Vancouver wedding venue will make your special day become more special! The capacity of Vancouver Convention Centre is up to 700 guests, which’s perfect to celebrate a large size indoor wedding. Moreover, the venue is widely trusted by professionalism, helpful staff, and excellent service. If you wish to hold your wedding in Vancouver Convention Centre, note that you should book the venue as early as possible as the venue reservation runs out quickly (their booking window is within one year). Visit Vancouver Convention Centre for more infor.


Rosewood Hotel Georgia is located at the heart of downtown Vancouver and well-known for its historical architecture and luxurious, elegant accommodations. That is to say, this Vancouver wedding venue is definitely for those who are looking for a fairy tale wedding. The main Spanish Ballroom can hold up to 180 people while surrounding rooms hold a maximum of 40-50. Above all, you can rely on Rosewood Hotel Georgia’s professional service. Their friendly staff will ensure you have the best experience of planning and celebrating your special day at the hotel. Visit Rosewood Hotel Georgia.


Fairmont Hotel is listed as one of the famous Vancouver indoor wedding venues located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. The venue is ideal for couples who love a grand, classic, and luxurious ballroom-style wedding. In addition, Fairmont Hotel offers various spaces to choose from for your ceremony and reception, these sites are differed by size and decorations. Therefore, it’s advisable to look over each site’s detail information to find your suitable one. Visit Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

wedding dresses in Vancouver

Tips to choose a perfect wedding dresses in Vancouver

Choosing a wedding dress is often a challenging task for most brides. But don’t worry, we got you covered! This post will equip you with some valuable information and tips to help you nail it. Also, additional tips from your personal experience are welcomed in the comment section. Don’t forget to do so!


To the brides, wedding dresses are not only responsible for beautifying the bride’s appearance on the wedding day but also symbolize the culture, tradition, and ethnicity. Furthermore, wedding dresses are regarded as the reflection of the bride, your choice of wedding dress will reveal your personality, preference, and value. Putting on a perfect wedding dress will boost the bride’s confidence, get them ready to shine on their wedding day.  



           A-line is one of the most flattering wedding dress silhouettes. This kind of wedding dress is known for a fitted waistline and flared skirt, that truly transform the bride into a lovely princess. A-line wedding dress is exactly what every bride wishes for because of its elegance & romance. They’re the right choice for the pear-shaped or curvy body as it hugs the waist area and flares out at the lower body, creating the balance and slimmer effect. A-line style is one of the most popular wedding dresses in Vancouver, especially during the summer.


           Ball gown wedding dresses are recognized for their striking, full-skirted silhouettes. They normally fit the upper body and flare out from the waist. These wedding dresses are what you often see on Disney’s princesses like Cinderella or Aurora. If you’re a fan of fairy tales, ball gown style is a perfect option for your wedding dress. 


           As you can tell by its name, the shape of this wedding dress is inspired by the mermaid. They contour the body from chest to the knee and flare out at the left-over bottom part. Mermaid wedding dresses will add the bride’s look the sexiness and romance at the same time. 


Trumpet & mermaid wedding dress styles share a similar shape. The only difference between these two is where the flare begins. For the mermaid style, the flare starts from the knee, creating a dramatic look for the entire dress while the trumpet wedding dress style flares out gradually from mid-thigh, making the look feel more classic and elegant.


A traditional wedding slip dress is a loose-fitting silhouette with spaghetti straps. They are perfect for brides who love and appreciate simplicity. For this simple & clean dress style, you can easily go with any kind of bridal hairstyle & beautiful hair accessories

wedding dresses in Vancouver
Photo: Pinterest


A tea-length wedding dress often features a full skirt that falls below the knee and above the ankle. This style serves a vintage & retro look, the length of the dress allows brides to show off their glamourous wedding heels. Tea-length wedding dresses are wearable, easy to move that enables the bride to shine upon her dancing party.



 Choosing a perfect wedding dress for yourself is harder than you think. It is a long process that may take you a while, from doing research, selecting the style, fitting, alterations if needed to final purchase. Therefore, you’d better spare time in advance for buying your own wedding dress, ideally 9 months before your wedding. Typically, wedding in Vancouver starts from April to October, you can consider that time as a reference to set up the time to start seeking your wedding dress. 


Besides time, considering the location of the wedding is also equally important to choose a perfect wedding dress. Of course, you will expect your wedding dress that vibes well with your wedding venue & theme. Therefore, knowing where and how your wedding will take place will make your process of selecting a wedding dress easier, faster, and less stressful. For instance, if you want to hold your wedding by the beach in the summertime, it’s a good idea to choose simple design wedding gowns like slip or tea-length styles. 


Setting the budget on wedding dresses also helps you narrow down options. Be realistic and consider all your wedding expenses coming all along, then decide how much you’re willing to pay for a wedding dress. Keep in mind that the price tag on the gown does not include alteration fees, accessories & veil, … So make sure to add these additional fees to your wedding budget just in case. Many locations sell wedding dresses in Vancouver, they offer a variety of wedding gowns as well as services such as wedding makeup Vancouver or wedding photographer in Vancouver. Some popular wedding dress stores Vancouver that you can refer are Bisou Bridal, Tiffany’s Vancouver Bridal, Ana Koi Bridal, …


Like suits for men, wedding dresses are something that you can’t wear loose or tight, they should be a perfect fit that embraces your body. Each wedding dress style can fit with different body types, therefore, understanding your own body will help a lot when it comes to selecting your gown’s silhouette. To do that, before heading to bridal dress shops in Vancouver, you can ask yourself some questions to explore your body such as what your body is like, which part makes you feel confident the most, which part of your body you feel less confident and so on. Normally, stores selling wedding dresses in Vancouver offer great services and valuable advice to help the bride with wedding dress purchases. Soon-to-be brides will have numerous fitting sections until they find the right gown. 


Be opened to try different styles of wedding dresses because some gowns don’t look like much on the hanger but look great on the body. Some brides might feel demotivated or stressed when having not found the one they like, but it’s normal and understandable. Instead, you should give yourself some time, if your dress fitting today is not successful, you can go back the other day to do it again. It could help a lot since you have more time to think about it and share ideas with your friends. 


The accessory is an indispensable part of your bride’s look. They are considered a statement that speaks the bride’s personality. Moreover, accessories are born to associate with the wedding gown, creating a fantastic and glamourous effect. For those reasons, a tip to choose a perfect wedding dress is to consider how it will be styled with accessories like necklaces, earrings, or wedding rings Vancouver. If you want to use your existing accessories, it’s good to bring them to the shops and do a mix-match with the bridal dress Vancouver.


Renting a wedding gown is considered an affordable option for young couples. Unlike buying a dress, renting requires extra effort in order to get a perfect one. There are a few advice before renting below you may need to keep in mind:

  • Rent from a reliable bridal store.
  • Double-check to make sure there’s no damage on the gown.
  • Discuss the terms & conditions carefully before signing the contract.

Wedding dresses rental Vancouver provides different packages that suit any budget. Besides selling gowns, Vancouver bridal stores often include gown rental services as well. The best advice is to visit more than 2 stores to have price comparisons, it helps you to make the decision easier later on.

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All You Need To Know About Wedding in Vancouver

If you are planning a wedding in Vancouver, this blog is truly made for you! An ultimate guide about planning a wedding, valuable information, and tips to hold a perfect wedding in your life will be provided in detail. Check this post out and make sure you don’t miss anything!


The definition of a perfect wedding is variant, it depends on what people value and how they want to enjoy it on their important day. But in general, a perfect wedding should meet the expectation of the bride & groom. All the wedding tasks from A to Z are well-planned basing on a perfect timeline, that way will prevent the bride & groom from being overwhelmed and stressed. The flow of the wedding goes smoothly, and of course, a perfect wedding can’t not complete without laughter, the joy of the bride, the groom, and the guests.


  • Mental Health: To make a wedding in Vancouver happen, you first need to make sure you are staying in good mental health status. Planning a wedding can stressful and overwhelming as there are a bunch of tasks to take care of. Give yourself a short break when you feel that way. Connecting to nature or taking yoga & meditation may give you some peace of mind once you head back to work.
  • Wedding Checklist: Another important thing is to spare enough time to plan and sort wedding tasks month by month. While holding wedding in Vancouver, you may need to avoid during winter as the weather is extremely tough. Vancouver wedding season normally starts from April to October, you can take it as a reference to plan ahead of time, break down tasks, and put them down in the wedding-planning checklist and wedding timelines. It would make the whole process easy to follow up and keep on track. For those who don’t know where to start a wedding-planning checklist, you can refer to The Knot & WeddingWire, they provide awesome tools to customize and generate your checklist. The simpler way is to go online and download a wedding in Vancouver checklist template that fits your needs. 
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  • Wedding Budget: Decide on your budget before working on wedding tasks will make the financing process a lot easier. Allocating funds will keep you on track with your spending and adjust the numbers along the way. According to WeddingWire, wedding in Vancouver (Canada) in 2020 costs roughly $30,000 on average. It’s pretty costly especially for young couples who are financially unstable. You can consider some ways to cut out wedding fees  and save on your wedding in Vancouver such as using balloons instead of fresh flowers for decoration, buying a sample wedding dress, or sending your wedding invitation digitally.
  • Wedding Theme: Because you may only experience precious wedding moments one time in life, make it count! A wedding with a beautiful theme matching the couple’s style would make it more memorable. For a wedding in Vancouver, you are open to lots of choices as the city offers fascinating venues in magnificent nature like the beach and green gardens or the park. Spend some time doing some research about your ideal wedding themes before you work on the decoration part. Some websites like Pinterest or The Knot are useful to give you inspiration for your dream wedding. 
(Photo: Pexels)


3.1 Wedding Planner

It totally depends on your wedding budget. If your funds allow, you can consider hiring a wedding planner. She/he, without doubt, will make your life a lot easier. Wedding planners are those who help couples with the planning, organization, and management of their weddings. They will take care of most of the wedding tasks from arranging vendors, helping with wedding clothes, decoration to set up the ceremony.

With their help, you’ll be stress-free and enjoy the wedding preparation more than doing it by yourself. It’s not hard to find good wedding planners in Vancouver. You can either search the wedding service and reviews on websites like WeddingWire, The Knot or simply discover a good wedding planner near you through reviews on Google. For your reference, the average cost for a Vancouver wedding planning service starts from $1,500 (partial planning) up to $6,000 (full service), it’s up to your demand to select the suitable wedding planning package

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3.2 Printing (Invitations, Menu Cards, …)

Before your wedding in Vancouver a few months, you need to have your invitations on hand in order to deliver them to your guests on time. Probably you have not done this in your life, you can follow some tips given down below on how to nail wedding invitations:

  • The wedding invitations should match the wedding theme. It’s good if you have some design/theme ideas in mind for your invitations.
  • Before printing approval, make sure to double-check all the details like wording, spelling, and addresses to avoid mistakes.
  • Confirm with a printing service staff that your wedding invitations should arrive on time.
  • In case you realize that you accidentally miscount wedding guests for ordering the invitation quantity. You’d better add some extra in your total number to solve the issue.

Besides invitations, some other optional cards you may want to include in your wedding. There are lots of local services specialized for wedding invitations Vancouver and other relevant printing jobs, namely OMD Creative, Cornwall Stationery, Design by Dainty,

(Photo: Pexels)

3.3 Wedding Dress, Rings, Make-up Services

  • Wedding Dresses: There are several styles for wedding dresses & accessories out there: princess style, ruffles, off-shoulder sleeves, square necklines, and so on. As such, choosing a wedding dress for your dream wedding is something pretty difficult for most brides. It’s advisable to know your wedding theme beforehand. That way will narrow down your selections and make it easier to find a dress style matching your wedding perfectly. Another tip is to make yourself open with any style, keep trying dresses until you find the most comfortable one. Renting wedding dresses in Vancouver is an economical option for those who want to cut wedding costs. You will save a great portion of the money, while wedding rentals Vancouver like gowns, equipment is convenient and can be found here and there. Some suggestions of the popular wedding dress rentals in Vancouver are Bello Wedding, CINDELA Wedding, Mr. & Mrs., and Vimo Wedding.
(Photo: Pexels)
  • Wedding Rings: A wedding ring is also as important as a wedding dress is. It’s a symbol of commitment, a promise and love, and something that requires a lot of thoughts. Some top tips for you to find a suitable wedding rings Vancouver are: start with the type of metals, mind your lifestyle, fit fingers perfectly, and care about its quality.
(Photo: Pexels)
  • Wedding Make-up: Unless you are able to find friends who are skillful with doing make-up and have them do it for you, you’ll need wedding makeup Vancouver service to complete your look. You also need a wedding makeup service so that your appearance will be done professionally. You can put your trust in your makeup artists to help you glow up without any concern. It’s not hard to find a professional wedding hair & makeup package in Vancouver, the easiest way is to research services and reviews online and choose your suitable package as desired. 
(Photo: 48 Studio)

3.4 Wedding Photoshoot

A wedding can’t not complete without engagement and wedding photos. They play as a document of love, storing beautiful memories of you and your partner. Shooting for the engagement & wedding photos might be the most exciting part with every couple. For a wedding in Vancouver, you and your partner can brainstorm some ideas for wedding photos at first and discover some wedding photography trends, and wedding photography concepts that impress you the most. When you have some concepts that you want to shoot in mind, now it’s time to discover some great Vancouver wedding photography locations.

From the green forests, magnificent mountains to blue beaches or the sophisticated downtown, all gather in one beautiful city; therefore, deciding on the wedding photoshoot location in Vancouver is not a big problem, it just depends on your taste. The next step is finding your wedding photographer in Vancouver. It can be difficult to hire only one wedding photographer among hundreds of them out there. You can evaluate and consider some factors following: suitable prices, professional work attitudes, photography styles and comparison between packages. For reference, you can check out affordable wedding photography prices at 48 Studio, the package starts only at $499 which is very competitive on the market. 

(Photo: 48 Studio)

3.5 Wedding Venue 

The fact is finding a venue to hold your wedding isn’t easy at all. You may have to check out a certain number of wedding venues before settling down in one. Try not to be overwhelmed,instead asking some specific questions would, to some extent, support you with decision-making.

You can ask yourself what’s your wedding theme is, what’s your budget for renting a venue, either you want it outdoor or indoor, how’s the wedding guest size. By asking these, you at least have a more detailed picture of how your wedding venue would be. A wedding in Vancouver can be held in different types of venues, including hotels, parks, wedding restaurant Vancouver, farms, mansions, and more. You’ll need to mind the right venue that fits the Vancouver weather on your expected wedding day as well. For couples who need to find wedding venues Vancouver Island, wedding venues in North Vancouver, or somewhere even further, you can search via WeddingWire or other online places as wedding venues there are not offered as many as in Vancouver lower mainland. 

Wedding in Vancouver -1
(Photo: Pexels)

3.6 Wedding vendors (Decoration, DJ, videographer, photographers, …)

  • Wedding Decorations: Decorating your wedding is like putting on beautiful make-up and dresses to shine. Wedding decorations are an essential part to glamourize your venues, impress your guests. Popularly, a wedding in Vancouver is decorated in neutral bright themes or colours inspired by nature. Using fresh flowers for decoration is widely well-liked nowadays even though this option isn’t really affordable. Celsia floral is regarded as the best wedding florist Vancouver. Their styles enhance the elegance, romance, and beautiful nature andbecome the signature of the brand. You can also check out other wedding flowers Vancouver vendors such as The Wildbunch, Grey Florals & Co, Blossom & Vine Floral Co, Budget Blooms, Arbutus Florist. They all provide great service and wedding flowers as well. On the other hand, if fresh flowers seem to go over your budget, you can consider other ideas for wedding decor Vancouver like balloons & candles. They’re low-cost, yet still, bring the glamour effect to your wedding. 
(Photo: Pexels)
  • DJ, Music Bands, Videographers & Photographers: These people will light up your night, creating joyful wedding moments, and ensure everyone can enjoy the party as much as they can. Normally, for a wedding in Vancouver, couples choose to have live music at their wedding party. But in the end, it always depends on your preference and budget. Wedding dj Vancouver is a good alternative and even costs less than hiring a music band. 
(Photo: Internet)
  • Wedding Officiants: To some extent, wedding officiants are considered vendors, they’re in charge of leading the wedding ceremony and officiate the couple’s marriage. You need to book your wedding officiant Vancouver 9 to 12 months in advance to avoid the shortage in service. 
(Photo: 48 Studio)

Hilarious Wedding Game Ideas That You May Not Know

Every couple wishes to have their wedding become a great memory that is filled with emotional moments, joy, and laughter. Featuring fun wedding games at a wedding party can be a good idea that lightens up the wedding and creates unforgettable memory for the bride, the groom, and the guests. In this blog, 48 Studio will share with you some best wedding game ideas for wedding parties. Feel free to comment your favorite wedding games that you’ve ever joined in the wedding!


The wedding shoe game is one of the most popular wedding games, it challenges the understanding between the bride and groom. Shoe game brings fun and lots of laughter to your wedding. It not only connects the bride and the groom with each other better but also helps the wedding guests understand more about the married couple.

How to play: Shoe game is simple to play. First, the bride and the groom need to sit against each other, holding 2 different shoes (one is from the bride and one from the groom) in their hands. Then the speaker will ask the couple some prepared questions relating to the bride and the groom. For example: “Who confessed first?”, “Who is more patient?” or “Who will do the laundry?”, then the couple will raise the shoe that represents the bride or the groom for the answers. There are interesting show game questions from The Knot or Wedding Wire, you can check them out. The difference in couple’s answers would bring guests surprise and fun and make the wedding more memorable. 

wedding games 1
Wedding Shoe Game (Photo: Google)


Another fun wedding game that entertains the guests is “find the bride”. This wedding activity is well-liked in Asian countries, it makes the wedding’s atmosphere more joyful and helps the bride and the groom share a great time and happiness with their wedding guests. More than that, adding wedding games will beautify your wedding photo album with candid moments. These documentary wedding photos would become a priceless thing that you may never forget! Check out for further references.

How to play: This fun wedding game is easy to play. The groom will play as the main character to find the bride with their eye being covered. Other than the bride, there will be other female guests selected to join the game in order to trick the groom. The groom will find his bride by touching the players’ hands, using his physical feeling to guess if the player is his bride or not. “Find the bride” surely makes the groom sweat a lot, but it creates a great, fun experience for both the couple and wedding guests on their wedding day. 

wedding game 2
Weeding Game “Find the bride” (Photo: Internet)


Freeze dance is also a fun wedding game for guests. This wedding game will cheer up all the guests and lighten the wedding’s atmosphere in the last several hours at the end of the night. 

How to play: Gather your wedding guests on the floor then get your DJ to play a particular song. All kids and guests are welcomed to dance freely and show their craziest moves. When the music is stopped, everyone must “freeze” themselves, anyone who fails to do it will be eliminated. The bride and the groom will join the game as the judges and pick the winner of the night. 

wedding games 3
Wedding Game “Freeze Dance” (Photo: Internet)


This wedding game idea is inspired by the game on TV shows, “spin the wheel” promises to brighten up your wedding and significantly engage the couple and their wedding guests. This fun wedding game will make you live the moment, sharing joy with your beloveds on your wedding day. Make sure to hire Vancouver photographers in your wedding parties as well, they will take care of capturing memorable and candid moments so that you don’t need to worry about taking pictures by yourself all the time. Refer affordable wedding price services here.

How to play: You can buy or build the wheel by yourself. Make sure to diversify the instructions, prizes, or requests in each part of the wheel. The actions in this wedding game can be made funny like “find the guest who wears yellow shoes”, “create the clock/weird dance” or try not to laugh. 

wedding games 4
Wedding game “Spin the wheel” (Photo: Internet)


The crossword is a fun game for guests to play at a wedding party. This entertaining wedding game will test how well you know the bride and groom and create competition among the guest to win the prize.

How to play: The guests will be given the crossword sheet at the start of the fun wedding game. Then, the speaker will read out loud the questions related to the groom and the bride (their hobbies, their relationship, etc.). The guests will take their time to complete the crossword by writing down their answers on the sheet. Anyone who finished with correct answers first will be the winner. 

wedding games 5
Wedding Game “The crossword” (Photo: Internet)


Lucky draw is an effortless yet fun wedding game that would be loved by the wedding guests. To prepare for this wedding program game, you can ask the vendors to number each table and chair, or simply leave a card of number in each seat. At the wedding party, the bride and the groom will draw the lucky numbers to give the lucky guests memorable gifts from the wedding. 

wedding games 6
Wedding Game “Lucky Draw” (Photo: Internet)

Brilliant tips to save money on your wedding

Planning a wedding and stick to the budget might be the hardest thing you have ever experienced. You can be overwhelmed with a bunch of wedding expenses and fees that demotivate you along the way. But we’ve got you covered! Some brilliant and useful tips below will help you to save money on your wedding and get you to have some peace of mind.


Renting a venue and its wedding service probably takes up the most in your wedding budget. There are some tips below that could help wedding couples diminish considerably on their wedding expense:

  • Avoid Saturday Wedding: There is always high demand on wedding venue on Saturday as it’s the most popular wedding day of the week when most guests have their day off, being able to attend to share the joy with the bride and groom. Accordingly, the cost of renting a venue for a wedding on Saturday is expectedly higher than on other days. You can reserve your venue for the wedding day on Sunday or Friday night as it has lower price range.
  • Ceremony and reception at the same venue: plan your wedding ceremony and reception at the same place will cut the transportation expense and reduces the energy used for transportation and the emission gas to the environment. If it’s impossible to hold a wedding ceremony, wedding couples could try to find two venues that are conveniently walkable. 
(Photo: Unsplash)
(Photo: Unsplash)


Wedding expense also consists of the wedding photography service. Make sure you do some research on affordable wedding photography packages that meet your demand in advance. Moreover, wedding couples can book your wedding photographers limited hours (ideally 8-10 hours) photographing on your wedding day instead of a full day. You can check out Wedding Wire for professional wedding photographers and wedding photography prices or visit 48 Studio for a wide range of Vancouver affordable wedding photography packages.

(Photo: Unsplash)


Wedding couples may encounter a huge cost of wedding paper printing if they don’t know how to minimize it. Printing job for a wedding mostly includes invitations and menu cards. Some useful tips to save on your wedding:

  • Go digital: Yes! Sustainability has become a trend and a part of everyone’s lifestyle. The social network is used widely nowadays, you can use it to send your wedding guests invitation cards digitally. In this way, you save up hundreds to thousands of dollars of wedding printing fees and reduce paper usage, which is more environmentally friendly.
  • The combination: If you’re not ready to go paperless yet, you can consider combining the wedding schedule, menu, and invitation printed on one card. It will also minimize the printing fee as well as save your time on card distribution. 
(Photo: Unsplash)


It can be stressful to pick your own gorgeous and affordable wedding dress and stick to your wedding budget list at the same time. A wedding dress can cost up to a thousand dollars, therefore, knowing how to minimize wedding and accessory costs will unburden your money pocket.

  • Buy Sample wedding dress: you can try shopping for sample wedding dress if the cost of a new one goes over your wedding budget. Normally, a sample wedding dress offers 50-70% off full-price, which will save a lot for your wedding. However, purchasing a sample dress requires additional effort. Therefore, make sure you do some research about specific sample dress sales beforehand.
  • Borrow accessories: A wedding dress is not the only thing you need to prepare for your look on the wedding day. Besides that, you still need to cover your accessories like wedding shoes and jewelry. To spend zero money on wedding accessories, you can use your family heirlooms on your memorable wedding day. They’re “old but gold” and carry meaningful messages.   
  • Have friends do wedding hair and makeup: Finding your friend who is skillful with doing make-up and have them help you on your wedding day. They can save you lots of money spent as the wedding hair & make-up service can cost hundreds of dollars. If you’re not able to find anyone, you can check out affordable wedding hair & makeup service on Wedding Wire or other places to select your suitable price option. 
(Photo: Unsplash)
(Photo: Unsplash)


Wedding flowers and decoration are the next things you need to considerThe average cost of wedding flowers and decoration is around $2500, which is quite a lot. Some tips below can help you save on your wedding:

  • Pick in-season blooms: It’s common sense that local blooms are normally less expensive than other off-season flowers. During planning your wedding, keep in mind to search what flowers would be available locally out there on your upcoming wedding day in order to have good wedding decor and theme directions.
  • Replace flowers with balloons and candles: Reduce fresh flowers for wedding decoration is deemed a good way to minimize your wedding expense. Fresh flowers can be replaced by balloons and candles. They are low-cost and beautiful alternatives that sparkle up your wedding venues. 
(Photo: Unsplash)
(Photo: Unsplash)


Even though a wedding fountain cake is a glamourous signature of a wedding, nowadays cake are simplified. The wedding couple can go for affordable wedding cakes which are shorter, have fewer layers, and simple decoration. 

(Photo: Unsplash)