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Hilarious Wedding Game Ideas That You May Not Know

Every couple wishes to have their wedding become a great memory that is filled with emotional moments, joy, and laughter. Featuring fun wedding games at a wedding party can be a good idea that lightens up the wedding and creates unforgettable memory for the bride, the groom, and the guests. In this blog, 48 Studio will share with you some best wedding game ideas for wedding parties. Feel free to comment your favorite wedding games that you’ve ever joined in the wedding!


The wedding shoe game is one of the most popular wedding games, it challenges the understanding between the bride and groom. Shoe game brings fun and lots of laughter to your wedding. It not only connects the bride and the groom with each other better but also helps the wedding guests understand more about the married couple.

How to play: Shoe game is simple to play. First, the bride and the groom need to sit against each other, holding 2 different shoes (one is from the bride and one from the groom) in their hands. Then the speaker will ask the couple some prepared questions relating to the bride and the groom. For example: “Who confessed first?”, “Who is more patient?” or “Who will do the laundry?”, then the couple will raise the shoe that represents the bride or the groom for the answers. There are interesting show game questions from The Knot or Wedding Wire, you can check them out. The difference in couple’s answers would bring guests surprise and fun and make the wedding more memorable. 

wedding games 1
Wedding Shoe Game (Photo: Google)


Another fun wedding game that entertains the guests is “find the bride”. This wedding activity is well-liked in Asian countries, it makes the wedding’s atmosphere more joyful and helps the bride and the groom share a great time and happiness with their wedding guests. More than that, adding wedding games will beautify your wedding photo album with candid moments. These documentary wedding photos would become a priceless thing that you may never forget! Check out for further references.

How to play: This fun wedding game is easy to play. The groom will play as the main character to find the bride with their eye being covered. Other than the bride, there will be other female guests selected to join the game in order to trick the groom. The groom will find his bride by touching the players’ hands, using his physical feeling to guess if the player is his bride or not. “Find the bride” surely makes the groom sweat a lot, but it creates a great, fun experience for both the couple and wedding guests on their wedding day. 

wedding game 2
Weeding Game “Find the bride” (Photo: Internet)


Freeze dance is also a fun wedding game for guests. This wedding game will cheer up all the guests and lighten the wedding’s atmosphere in the last several hours at the end of the night. 

How to play: Gather your wedding guests on the floor then get your DJ to play a particular song. All kids and guests are welcomed to dance freely and show their craziest moves. When the music is stopped, everyone must “freeze” themselves, anyone who fails to do it will be eliminated. The bride and the groom will join the game as the judges and pick the winner of the night. 

wedding games 3
Wedding Game “Freeze Dance” (Photo: Internet)


This wedding game idea is inspired by the game on TV shows, “spin the wheel” promises to brighten up your wedding and significantly engage the couple and their wedding guests. This fun wedding game will make you live the moment, sharing joy with your beloveds on your wedding day. Make sure to hire Vancouver photographers in your wedding parties as well, they will take care of capturing memorable and candid moments so that you don’t need to worry about taking pictures by yourself all the time. Refer affordable wedding price services here.

How to play: You can buy or build the wheel by yourself. Make sure to diversify the instructions, prizes, or requests in each part of the wheel. The actions in this wedding game can be made funny like “find the guest who wears yellow shoes”, “create the clock/weird dance” or try not to laugh. 

wedding games 4
Wedding game “Spin the wheel” (Photo: Internet)


The crossword is a fun game for guests to play at a wedding party. This entertaining wedding game will test how well you know the bride and groom and create competition among the guest to win the prize.

How to play: The guests will be given the crossword sheet at the start of the fun wedding game. Then, the speaker will read out loud the questions related to the groom and the bride (their hobbies, their relationship, etc.). The guests will take their time to complete the crossword by writing down their answers on the sheet. Anyone who finished with correct answers first will be the winner. 

wedding games 5
Wedding Game “The crossword” (Photo: Internet)


Lucky draw is an effortless yet fun wedding game that would be loved by the wedding guests. To prepare for this wedding program game, you can ask the vendors to number each table and chair, or simply leave a card of number in each seat. At the wedding party, the bride and the groom will draw the lucky numbers to give the lucky guests memorable gifts from the wedding. 

wedding games 6
Wedding Game “Lucky Draw” (Photo: Internet)

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