Best locations for fall wedding photos in Vancouver

For soon-to-be-married couples, if you plan to have your fall wedding photos in Vancouver, but are still unsure about locations? Check this post out! Here are our picks for the best places for your fall wedding photoshoot in this beautiful city.


Fall is a great occasion for a photo walk around the seawall. In Stanley Park, you can see some of the most dramatic fall foliage in Vancouver city. The fact that Stanley Park is located in downtown Vancouver makes it more accessible for soon-to-be married couples. Taking fall wedding photos in Stanley Park during golden hour deserves a spot on your to-do list! The whole colorful foliage will be brightened up, adding more effect to your photos. Note that the Park is large and consists of different unique areas, therefore, it’s advisable to decide on specific fall photoshoot locations with your Vancouver wedding photographers.


Located in the heart of Vancouver, VanDusen Botanical Garden has become one of the hottest spots to visit during Autumn. You will have a chance to see a magical color palette of red, gold, and orange as the trees start changing their leaves. The combination of the lake and fall foliage nearby amazingly creates a dreamy vibe for your fall wedding photos. Don’t miss checking in the spectacular ginkgo trees in the garden, they will make your every shot worth it! There will be a small entrance fee, you can book tickets on their website in advance to prevent a sold-out.

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It’s not exaggerated to say UBC campus stays gorgeous any time of the year, and fall is not an exception! Every fall, the trees surrounding UBC campus turn to beautiful autumn colors. There are some great spots located inside the campus for fall wedding photos like Nitobe Memorial Garden or UBC Botanical Garden. These places ask to book tickets in advance, so prepare ahead. In addition, they are also open for specific hours, make sure to plan a detailed time with your Vancouver wedding photographers for the efficiency of the fall wedding photoshoot. If you don’t feel like checking in those gardens, you can simply take a stroll along Main Mall for the best fall wedding photos!

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Burnaby Mountain Park is undoubtedly a perfect destination for who desire dynamic fall wedding photos. The bright foliage together with breathtaking views from the mountain will blow your mind. To feature the best autumn vibe in your wedding pictures, you can try taking shots at Panorama Trail. The long colorful tree rows in two sides not only delivers its cinematic effect but also plays as a beautiful backdrop, making the couples pop out. If you choose Burnaby Mountain Park as the location for your wedding photoshoot, be aware and prepare for the weather. The temperature will be lower up there, sometimes includes little rain during the fall.


When it comes to fall wedding photo locations, we can’t miss Gastown! Autumn foliage covers the cobblestone streets of Gastown. There’s always magic in the air here, but the vibrant autumn vibes make it even more so. With the orange, red leaves, and brick building, your fall wedding photos will deliver the best vibe of autumn and make you completely fall in love.


Trout Lake is one of the best spots in Vancouver to soak up all those autumn colors before winter sets in. The place will serve you a breathtaking seasonal show with a sea of red leaves painting a ruby lane through the park. Couples will have the opportunity to try different fall wedding concepts for engagement and wedding photos. Make sure to include the fall reflection shot on the lake, the orange and red foliage on the water will create a beautiful and unique backdrop.

All You Need To Know About Wedding in Vancouver

If you are planning a wedding in Vancouver, this blog is truly made for you! An ultimate guide about planning a wedding, valuable information, and tips to hold a perfect wedding in your life will be provided in detail. Check this post out and make sure you don’t miss anything!


The definition of a perfect wedding is variant, it depends on what people value and how they want to enjoy it on their important day. But in general, a perfect wedding should meet the expectation of the bride & groom. All the wedding tasks from A to Z are well-planned basing on a perfect timeline, that way will prevent the bride & groom from being overwhelmed and stressed. The flow of the wedding goes smoothly, and of course, a perfect wedding can’t not complete without laughter, the joy of the bride, the groom, and the guests.


  • Mental Health: To make a wedding in Vancouver happen, you first need to make sure you are staying in good mental health status. Planning a wedding can stressful and overwhelming as there are a bunch of tasks to take care of. Give yourself a short break when you feel that way. Connecting to nature or taking yoga & meditation may give you some peace of mind once you head back to work.
  • Wedding Checklist: Another important thing is to spare enough time to plan and sort wedding tasks month by month. While holding wedding in Vancouver, you may need to avoid during winter as the weather is extremely tough. Vancouver wedding season normally starts from April to October, you can take it as a reference to plan ahead of time, break down tasks, and put them down in the wedding-planning checklist and wedding timelines. It would make the whole process easy to follow up and keep on track. For those who don’t know where to start a wedding-planning checklist, you can refer to The Knot & WeddingWire, they provide awesome tools to customize and generate your checklist. The simpler way is to go online and download a wedding in Vancouver checklist template that fits your needs. 
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  • Wedding Budget: Decide on your budget before working on wedding tasks will make the financing process a lot easier. Allocating funds will keep you on track with your spending and adjust the numbers along the way. According to WeddingWire, wedding in Vancouver (Canada) in 2020 costs roughly $30,000 on average. It’s pretty costly especially for young couples who are financially unstable. You can consider some ways to cut out wedding fees  and save on your wedding in Vancouver such as using balloons instead of fresh flowers for decoration, buying a sample wedding dress, or sending your wedding invitation digitally.
  • Wedding Theme: Because you may only experience precious wedding moments one time in life, make it count! A wedding with a beautiful theme matching the couple’s style would make it more memorable. For a wedding in Vancouver, you are open to lots of choices as the city offers fascinating venues in magnificent nature like the beach and green gardens or the park. Spend some time doing some research about your ideal wedding themes before you work on the decoration part. Some websites like Pinterest or The Knot are useful to give you inspiration for your dream wedding. 
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3.1 Wedding Planner

It totally depends on your wedding budget. If your funds allow, you can consider hiring a wedding planner. She/he, without doubt, will make your life a lot easier. Wedding planners are those who help couples with the planning, organization, and management of their weddings. They will take care of most of the wedding tasks from arranging vendors, helping with wedding clothes, decoration to set up the ceremony.

With their help, you’ll be stress-free and enjoy the wedding preparation more than doing it by yourself. It’s not hard to find good wedding planners in Vancouver. You can either search the wedding service and reviews on websites like WeddingWire, The Knot or simply discover a good wedding planner near you through reviews on Google. For your reference, the average cost for a Vancouver wedding planning service starts from $1,500 (partial planning) up to $6,000 (full service), it’s up to your demand to select the suitable wedding planning package

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3.2 Printing (Invitations, Menu Cards, …)

Before your wedding in Vancouver a few months, you need to have your invitations on hand in order to deliver them to your guests on time. Probably you have not done this in your life, you can follow some tips given down below on how to nail wedding invitations:

  • The wedding invitations should match the wedding theme. It’s good if you have some design/theme ideas in mind for your invitations.
  • Before printing approval, make sure to double-check all the details like wording, spelling, and addresses to avoid mistakes.
  • Confirm with a printing service staff that your wedding invitations should arrive on time.
  • In case you realize that you accidentally miscount wedding guests for ordering the invitation quantity. You’d better add some extra in your total number to solve the issue.

Besides invitations, some other optional cards you may want to include in your wedding. There are lots of local services specialized for wedding invitations Vancouver and other relevant printing jobs, namely OMD Creative, Cornwall Stationery, Design by Dainty,

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3.3 Wedding Dress, Rings, Make-up Services

  • Wedding Dresses: There are several styles for wedding dresses & accessories out there: princess style, ruffles, off-shoulder sleeves, square necklines, and so on. As such, choosing a wedding dress for your dream wedding is something pretty difficult for most brides. It’s advisable to know your wedding theme beforehand. That way will narrow down your selections and make it easier to find a dress style matching your wedding perfectly. Another tip is to make yourself open with any style, keep trying dresses until you find the most comfortable one. Renting wedding dresses in Vancouver is an economical option for those who want to cut wedding costs. You will save a great portion of the money, while wedding rentals Vancouver like gowns, equipment is convenient and can be found here and there. Some suggestions of the popular wedding dress rentals in Vancouver are Bello Wedding, CINDELA Wedding, Mr. & Mrs., and Vimo Wedding.
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  • Wedding Rings: A wedding ring is also as important as a wedding dress is. It’s a symbol of commitment, a promise and love, and something that requires a lot of thoughts. Some top tips for you to find a suitable wedding rings Vancouver are: start with the type of metals, mind your lifestyle, fit fingers perfectly, and care about its quality.
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  • Wedding Make-up: Unless you are able to find friends who are skillful with doing make-up and have them do it for you, you’ll need wedding makeup Vancouver service to complete your look. You also need a wedding makeup service so that your appearance will be done professionally. You can put your trust in your makeup artists to help you glow up without any concern. It’s not hard to find a professional wedding hair & makeup package in Vancouver, the easiest way is to research services and reviews online and choose your suitable package as desired. 
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3.4 Wedding Photoshoot

A wedding can’t not complete without engagement and wedding photos. They play as a document of love, storing beautiful memories of you and your partner. Shooting for the engagement & wedding photos might be the most exciting part with every couple. For a wedding in Vancouver, you and your partner can brainstorm some ideas for wedding photos at first and discover some wedding photography trends, and wedding photography concepts that impress you the most. When you have some concepts that you want to shoot in mind, now it’s time to discover some great Vancouver wedding photography locations.

From the green forests, magnificent mountains to blue beaches or the sophisticated downtown, all gather in one beautiful city; therefore, deciding on the wedding photoshoot location in Vancouver is not a big problem, it just depends on your taste. The next step is finding your wedding photographer in Vancouver. It can be difficult to hire only one wedding photographer among hundreds of them out there. You can evaluate and consider some factors following: suitable prices, professional work attitudes, photography styles and comparison between packages. For reference, you can check out affordable wedding photography prices at 48 Studio, the package starts only at $499 which is very competitive on the market. 

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3.5 Wedding Venue 

The fact is finding a venue to hold your wedding isn’t easy at all. You may have to check out a certain number of wedding venues before settling down in one. Try not to be overwhelmed,instead asking some specific questions would, to some extent, support you with decision-making.

You can ask yourself what’s your wedding theme is, what’s your budget for renting a venue, either you want it outdoor or indoor, how’s the wedding guest size. By asking these, you at least have a more detailed picture of how your wedding venue would be. A wedding in Vancouver can be held in different types of venues, including hotels, parks, wedding restaurant Vancouver, farms, mansions, and more. You’ll need to mind the right venue that fits the Vancouver weather on your expected wedding day as well. For couples who need to find wedding venues Vancouver Island, wedding venues in North Vancouver, or somewhere even further, you can search via WeddingWire or other online places as wedding venues there are not offered as many as in Vancouver lower mainland. 

Wedding in Vancouver -1
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3.6 Wedding vendors (Decoration, DJ, videographer, photographers, …)

  • Wedding Decorations: Decorating your wedding is like putting on beautiful make-up and dresses to shine. Wedding decorations are an essential part to glamourize your venues, impress your guests. Popularly, a wedding in Vancouver is decorated in neutral bright themes or colours inspired by nature. Using fresh flowers for decoration is widely well-liked nowadays even though this option isn’t really affordable. Celsia floral is regarded as the best wedding florist Vancouver. Their styles enhance the elegance, romance, and beautiful nature andbecome the signature of the brand. You can also check out other wedding flowers Vancouver vendors such as The Wildbunch, Grey Florals & Co, Blossom & Vine Floral Co, Budget Blooms, Arbutus Florist. They all provide great service and wedding flowers as well. On the other hand, if fresh flowers seem to go over your budget, you can consider other ideas for wedding decor Vancouver like balloons & candles. They’re low-cost, yet still, bring the glamour effect to your wedding. 
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  • DJ, Music Bands, Videographers & Photographers: These people will light up your night, creating joyful wedding moments, and ensure everyone can enjoy the party as much as they can. Normally, for a wedding in Vancouver, couples choose to have live music at their wedding party. But in the end, it always depends on your preference and budget. Wedding dj Vancouver is a good alternative and even costs less than hiring a music band. 
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  • Wedding Officiants: To some extent, wedding officiants are considered vendors, they’re in charge of leading the wedding ceremony and officiate the couple’s marriage. You need to book your wedding officiant Vancouver 9 to 12 months in advance to avoid the shortage in service. 
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Essential posing guides: how to look your best in wedding photos.

It may seem relieved after planning up all your wedding photography locations, concepts, and photographers for your important photoshoot. But you’re not done yet! Preparing the concept of posing and knowing how to pose for your wedding photo are, indeed, important as they make couples look picture-perfect in every shot. Let us present useful pose tips and wedding photo ideas to help you rock your wedding photoshoot! Don’t hesitate to comment below your favourite wedding pose and even additional ideas are welcomed!



Yes! Building your self-confidence is the very first thing you need to do before any wedding photoshoot. For most couples, they probably not accustomed to being in front of the camera and posing at professional engaging and wedding photo sessions. Of course, you don’t want to become camera shy that leads to unnatural or awkward wedding photo poses. Thus, the best advice for wedding couples is to try to practice and increase their self-confidence beforehand. During the wedding photoshoot, just relax, make some casual conversations with your wedding photographers, and don’t hesitate to ask for wedding posing tips because they know best!

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Good posture decides everything. It makes you look more fit, more confident, giving you more energy and attitudes to brighten up the wedding photos. A tip for good posture is to straighten up your back, mind your posture during the wedding photoshoot and show flattering curves and angles of your body in a natural way. Another useful piece of advice is to spend some days ahead of your wedding photoshoot on stretching your muscles. That way will boost your flexibility and help improve better posture on your D-day.

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You might not believe but everyone’s face is asymmetrical and each of us will own different best face sides. Finding your best angles will help you show your most beautiful side of your face and nail your wedding pictures, especially portrait shots. The easiest way to test your face angles is by taking some selfies. Grab your phone, do it by yourself or ask for others’ help, practice posing with your face tilted in each direction then review your images to see which angle works best. And don’t forget to show your “best side” to your wedding photographers. Knowing that will help them capture your face angles better and quickly generate ideas for wedding photography poses based on your reference. 

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A natural smile is perfectly enough for effortlessly beautiful wedding photos”- Huy An, a professional Vancouver wedding photographer in 48 Studio shared his thought. “Just laugh and smile naturally like you do in real life, we, as wedding photographers will do our best to capture those candid and unforgettable moments!” He said. To have the most natural smile, you can talk some small jokes with your partner, think of something funny or what makes you happy while looking at each others’ eyes to deliver romantic love. 

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It might be surprising, but hand gestures in a wedding photo can tell a story all on their own. The position of hands communicates emotions and feelings between a couple in their wedding shots. However, most couples don’t have much experience with posing, they find it hard to act naturally with arm placement. The solution for this is trying to relax your arms as much as you can and avoid pressing your arms again your body. You can pose with your hands-free and interact with your partner to make your wedding photos feel more natural like touching lips, picking up the dress, holding each others’ hands, or placing hands on the hip. If it still feels unnatural for you, holding objects like bouquets or colored smoke bombs will be a better option. 

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A kiss is a sign of love. A kiss that tells everything. Whether it is a forehead kiss, hand kiss, cheek kiss, or lip kiss, they all work for any wedding photography concepts and guarantee your wedding photos filled with love and romance. However, you may doubt posing ideas at first, therefore, gladly talk to your wedding photographers to get some direct guides. If you’re living in Vancouver, make sure to check out 48 Studio where provides the most affordable Vancouver wedding photography services. 48 Studio works with experienced and professional wedding photographers who can confidently support and guide you along the photoshoot to generate amazing wedding shots

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If you want to know whether they’re in love, look at their eyes for each other. Eye contact is one of the most powerful nonverbal ways a couple communicates interest in others. This wedding photo pose idea is effortless, you just need to look at your partner naturally and transfer your love and happiness through the eyes.

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Another must-have wedding photo pose is back hugs. It is classic and preferred by most wedding couples because it’s easy to pose yet surprises you with the result. The back hug pose is suitable for outdoor photographycouples have a chance to interact with each other while still incorporating the charm of nature.

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This wedding photo pose gives out the most energetic and dynamic spirit in your wedding shots. Instead of acting, you are free to play chasing with your partner. Your wedding photographers will follow and catch the moment. Those active movements will make your wedding pictures natural and lively without any force. 

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Surely most people have heard about this photography trend, but have you seen it in wedding photos? “Follow me” still maintains its heat in general and even becomes more popular in engagement and wedding photography. It unveils a playful love and the willingness of a couple for their upcoming journeys.

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Best Engagement Photo Locations In Vancouver (Part 2)

To continue the Best engagement photo locations in Vancouver (Part I), here is a list of other most beautiful locations for engagement photoshoots in Vancouver. This time let’s explore some places outside the Vancouver center. They’re made for young and adventurous couples who desire more unique and dynamic engagement pictures.


Lynn Canyon Park is a superb park in North Vancouver. It’s easy to access either by car or public transportation, and more importantly, it offers free entrance! With all walking trails, waterfalls, diverse ecology system, and breathtaking views, Lynn Canyon would create a great experience for outdoor engagement photoshoots in Vancouver. If it’s your first time going to the park and not sure where to check-in, here are some suggestions for your Lynn Canyon engagement photo session. Suspension Bridge is a must-go place, it has a spectacular and unique view, just make sure you bring along a pair of comfortable shoes walk and pose easily during your photoshoot at the bridge. Another stunning place for engagement pictures is by the river with waterfalls.

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Lighthouse Park is another beautiful place for outdoor engagement photoshoots in West Vancouver. It’s a hidden gem located in the rural part of West Vancouver on the North Shore. Here, you can find a diverse environment which makes it easier for you and your Vancouver photographers to plan the photo concepts. It consists of mysterious forests and splendid ocean views that you won’t regret! You can’t miss the signature Lighthouse as well, don’t forget to wear your most comfortable shoes because a small hike is required to reach there. But after all, it’s all worth it! You’ll get the best engagement pictures with your most important person. More than that, Lighthouse Park provides you the beautiful and cinematic sunset you could ever ask for! That can add to your Vancouver engagement pictures more colours and memorable moments.

(Photo: Michael Russel)


Whytecliff Park is one of the most Vancouver popular engagement photo locations. Even though a bit of extra legwork is required, you’ll be rewarded with magnificent scenery. You may not believe but all the beauty of nature for your best outdoor engagement photos exists here, from the unique ocean island, pebble beach, driftwood to mountain backdrop and rocks. It’s recommended to plan your engagement shoot at sunrise. Whytecliff Park has its best sunrise view in the summer, you can get your romantic couple pictures while still enjoying the most beautiful time of the day.



Deep Cove might be well-known for hiking, but this place can be a great engagement photo location for couples. Located in North Vancouver, Deep Cove is like a small unique town with its tiny harbour surrounding the beautiful mountains. In Deep Cove, you and your Vancouver photographers have a chance to create different engagement concepts as each area in this location brings distinctive vibes. You can stroll around the lovely village or stop by some cute coffee shops for your couple shoots. It is absolutely a perfect Vancouver engagement location for young and energetic couples where you could play some fun activities for the shoots like kayaking or riding paddle board during the summertime.

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If you are looking for an epic and surreal engagement photo location, it will definitely be Capilano Suspension Bridge. This spot is not only famous with locals but also tourists. With just taking couple photos in such a long dramatic bridge, you rock your Vancouver engagement photoshoot already. Why? The lengthy path suspended over the Capilano River will create the illusion that you’re floating above the trees and water. Plus, the path of the bridge is decorated with led lights, creating the magic vibe in your engagement pictures. Capilano Suspension Bridge would guarantee you the best breathtaking engagement photos that you may not find elsewhere!

(Photo: Aileen Choi)


Whistler is a perfect engagement photo location for adventure lovers. It’s is located far away from the city center. Therefore, you need to make a detailed plan with your Vancouver photographers for a successful engagement photo session. There are so many beautiful things offered here! From the majestic mountains, suspension bridge, Sea to Sky Gondola to iconic Olympic village… Whistler delivers you the “wow” factor in every engagement shot. It even maintains its stunning views in any season. If you plan to have your Vancouver engagement photoshoots in winter, you can expect the shimmer white snow covering up the whole place. If it’s summer, then your couple photos would be covered with a charming green from the forests!

(Photo: Unspash)
(Photo: Unspash)

Best Engagement Photo Locations In Vancouver (Part 1)

Spring, one of the most beautiful seasons for the engagement is knocking on the door. It is a perfect time for couples to plan their engagement photo session. If you folks are based in Vancouver and having a hard time deciding on which place you should go for great engagement photoshoots. Don’t worry! we’ve got your back. Here is a list of engagement photo locations in Vancouver, British Columbia. Each place has its unique nature and beauty. Please follow up with this post and figure out your ideal Vancouver engagement photo spots!


Gastown ranks one of the most popular places for different kinds of photography in Vancouver, including engagement and wedding photography for couples. It is located in Downtown Vancouver, where you will find a small lively old town featured with heritage brick buildings and historic character. It is not exaggerated to say Gastown is the perfect Vancouver engagement photo location for anyone who loves vintage and romance. The combination of dreamy lights, warm colour tone, sophisticated architecture would create the best Gastown engagement photos ever! Make sure you and your Vancouver engagement photographers check-in famous photography spots such as the Steam Clock and the Hotel Europe building, they would bring the most local, classic, and dynamic engagement pictures to mark your important day.

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Stanley Park is another must-check-in location for your engagement photo shoot in Vancouver. It is considered a green lung lying in beautiful Vancouver where you can find all nature components: green grass, forest, beach, rocks, and city skyline. If you are a nature lover and don’t want to spend time driving to further places, this would be the spot for your Vancouver pre-wedding photoshoot because Stanley park lies right at the edge of Downtown Vancouver, making it easy to commute. Since the place is quite large and contains various sceneries, a tip to make your engagement photoshoot more efficient and successful is to discuss with the Vancouver engagement photographers beforehand about the exact areas you want to go. Whether you can take engagement pictures with the peaceful beach and blue sky or with the mysterious green forest. It’s up to your taste but make sure you have a list of places to go in Stanley Park to avoid time-wasting!

(Photo: Tom Armstrong)


Another choice for nature lovers, especially those who loves the beach as you can tell from its name. Sunset Beach Park is not far away from Vancouver center, it only takes a few minutes drive! The beautiful scenery here will grace your Vancouver engagement photos in the most perfect way. Nowhere can beat the magnificent view of sunset in Sunset Beach Park. The ideal time for your Vancouver engagement photoshoot in the park is within the golden hour when you are able to see the glorious sunset light and the romantic atmosphere. And don’t forget to take your Vancouver pre-wedding pictures at the Engagement Rings Sculpture, one of the signature spots in Sunset Beach Park.

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UBC is known as the most stunning campus located in Vancouver. UBC’s campus consists of big forests, unique architecture, several gardens, and the sand beach. Therefore, it offers you different kinds of engagement photo concepts. The only thing you need to do is to plan up with your Vancouver photographers about the concepts, prepare lovely engagement photo outfits and you’re all set! You can choose whether to have indoor or outdoor couple photoshoots in UBC campus. Some engagement photo ideas: taking with the study buildings to bring back memories when you and your partner were students, becoming a cheesy and romantic couple in Rose Garden, or playing in the sand beach for an energetic engagement photoshoot.

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Granville Island is a fun engagement photo location in Vancouver. It is known as a popular tourist attraction, but it also can be your number one engagement photo spot because of its adorable backgrounds. Granville Island is like a small colourful vintage town with lots of cute boutiques, cafes, and local shops. That enables you and your Vancouver engagement photographers to generate different couple photo ideas such as hanging around the vintage coffee shop or chilling by the beautiful blue harbour. The playful and vintage backgrounds will help you nail your engagement photoshoot more than ever!

(Photo: Aileen Choi)


If you want to go somewhere not too far other than these above places, Ambleside Park will be your ideal engagement photo location. It is a beautiful area in affluent West Vancouver with a sandy beach, stunning park, and seawall walking paths along the water. Once you’re done finding Vancouver engagement photo service, you can bring your photographers here for some amazing couple shots. The combo of the beach and the forest supports you to incorporate the nature perfectly and makes your engagement photos memorable. Sunset in Ambleside Beach is the most beautiful time of the day. Your Vancouver engagement photo shoot can’t be completed if you haven’t got sunset pictures.

(Photo: Rocky Mountain Bride)