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Top 5 Vancouver Wedding Photography Concept of 2021


Let us know which style is your favourite?

Informal Style

This style becomes more common nowadays for younger generation. Just be yourself, relax, have fun and ta-daaaa – done. It gonna be perfect for couples who don’t familiar with wedding photography poses, or if you are a person who doesn’t feel comfortable in front of wedding photographers. Here you are – Informal Style can be your solution.

Street Style

Although only appearing in recent years, but this style is currently chosen by many young wedding couples because of the emphasis on naturalness and comfort in expression. With this style, the bride and groom can freely choose the outfit, hair style, makeup, … the more comfortable the outfit, the more natural the created image will be.

The biggest advantage of the Street Style is that you don’t have to worry about expression or shooting location. The photo shoot will be lighter, like a normal walk between a couple. All expressions of the bride-in-law are captured as naturally and honestly as possible. There are many good locations where to take wedding photos in Vancouver:

  • Gas Town
  • English Bay
  • Canada Place
  • Stanley Park

Luxury Style (European Style)

For couples who love luxury and fancy, European wedding photography should not be ignored. Luxury, modernity and fancy are what this wedding photography style is all about. Everything that is shown in the photo such as the background, makeup style, and the bride and groom’s outfit will be done in Western style to highlight the elegance of the young couple.

This style will still focus on the facial expressions of couples. However, unlike photos with natural trends such as Korean style or Street Style, European wedding photography style brings romance and luxury. Currently, this style is broken and upgraded with concepts such as shooting on yachts and shooting photos and movies with flycam.

Traditional Style

Canada is a multicultural country, so we have chance to learn from many different cultures as a wedding photographer. A traditional wedding album has something pretty unique that not every other styles can have.

One of the wedding photography tips is for Asian cultures, they tend to decorate and dress up everything in red, orange and yellow colour. Those colours are believed as lucky colours.

Vintage Style

Old but never old, vintage wedding brings you gentle, simple, and extremely romantic colours in the nostalgia. In addition, the shooting space will not be too fussy but inclined towards ancient places with bold beauty of the art of wedding photography in the 90s of the 20th century.

With this shooting style, the location of the photo plays a very important role as it will create the setting for the whole photo shoot. Some of the ideal engagement photos Vancouver locations for this style are the Brockton Point Lighthouse, Sunset Beach Park, Granville Island, Grouse Mountain and University of British Columbia. These photoshoot locations will help you fully capture the unique charms of this wedding photography style.

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