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5 Bridal Hairstyle Trends That You Should Try In 2021

Choosing a best wedding hairstyle for women is a difficult decision for any woman. Every bride wants to appear the most beautiful on their big day. And to prepare for that, they will need to plan for their look. Besides wedding shoes, jewelry, and dress, bridal hairstyle plays an important part in enhancing the bride’s beauty. In this blog, let’s explore the most popular and beautiful hairstyle trends and discover the bridal hairstyle that suits you best!


High bun and low bun hairstyles have become the most popular bridal hairstyle in recent years. If you are looking for something simple, yet elegant and classy, this bridal hairstyle is undoubtedly made for you. The bun helps reveal the sexy neck of the bride, bringing a neat and luxurious look. Don’t worry that this simple and easy bridal hairstyle won’t make you stand out on your wedding day. Indeed, if you know how to style it with beautiful accessories, you will be surprised by the result. The charming white veil can be a great option. You can try to style it in a new way: wrapping it around your bun. Voila! Now you’re having the most unique and gorgeous hairstyle to glow up on the wedding day. Another way to level up the hair game is to use hairpins. Sophisticated flower pins will make hair shine, creating a fancy look! Meanwhile, a bun styled with a small bow or pearls will bring a more feminine beauty.

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This bridal hairstyle is timeless and most loved by the bride from the past till now. It is easy to make, easy to style and this wedding hairstyle can fit well with any kind of wedding dress. To create the most natural loose waves, make sure you use a curling iron without a clip and wind the hair onto the curling iron, twisting it slightly into a tourniquet and finish by applying a tiny bit of hairspray to maintain the waves for a longer time. With this wedding hairstyle, you only need to use hair accessories like hair bands, hair clips to make it stunning. If you don’t own the ion curl to style this beautiful bridal hairstyle, you can contact Vancouver hairstylists for great service or other hairstylists around your place.

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If you are looking for something royal and refined, French twist hairstyle for brides will be your cup of tea. This most beautiful wedding hairstyle adds lashings of glamour to your wedding dress, making you shine bright on the most important day. You can choose your kind of French twist depending on your wedding dress styles. A little bit messy French twist hairstyle can go perfectly with a simple white dress and bridal soft makeup. It not only does a great job in balancing the whole look of the bride but also boosts the look classier and more romantic. With this messy one, adding some details onto the hair by using hairpins will upgrade the bride’s appearance. For those who pursue a more royal style, a clean French twist will be a good choice. The bride can match this easy bridal hairstyle with a more sophisticated wedding dress like a beaded embroidery dress, intricate lace dress, or layered dress.

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This girly bridal hairstyle is for those who love the soft and gentle beauty. Half up half down style works best with lace form-fitting dresses which enhance the classy and elegant look of the bride. A small tip when styling half up half down is to comb the crown area a little bit, it will add some volume to the hair and beautifully form the shape of the head. If you’re afraid this popular bridal hairstyle still looks simple, don’t hesitate to use some weightless hair accessories such as fresh flowers, silk flowers, or some ornaments studded with stones. Your hair will make you sparkle like a princess in her dream wedding. If you are leaving in Vancouver, lots of good bridal hair and makeup packages offers at good price, don’t forget to check out these hair and makeup service for better advice.

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Mermaid braids hairstyle is another best bridal hairstyle that you should try this year. If you’re a fan of the Boho style, this hairstyle for brides would fit perfectly for you. It is wild, extremely sexy that brings the bride the most romantic look than ever. There are different ways to style braids wedding hairstyle, but traditional and freestyle braids are the most popular ones. To make it feel more attractive, the number one tip is to slightly tangle the braids to create more volumes. Like half up half down hairstyle, some lightweight accessories for bridal hair will be great picks. Mermaid braids hairstyle for brides is the perfect option for an outside wedding. It brings up the bride’s charm but still holds the friendliness at the same time. The bride can attend the formal wedding ceremony and still can enjoy playing with her guests without switching her hairstyle. As this mermaid braids for brides is not easy to make, you may need to plan the look with your bridal hair and makeup Vancouver to guarantee your perfect look in the most important day.

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