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Best Engagement Photo Locations In Vancouver (Part 1)

Spring, one of the most beautiful seasons for the engagement is knocking on the door. It is a perfect time for couples to plan their engagement photo session. If you folks are based in Vancouver and having a hard time deciding on which place you should go for great engagement photoshoots. Don’t worry! we’ve got your back. Here is a list of engagement photo locations in Vancouver, British Columbia. Each place has its unique nature and beauty. Please follow up with this post and figure out your ideal Vancouver engagement photo spots!


Gastown ranks one of the most popular places for different kinds of photography in Vancouver, including engagement and wedding photography for couples. It is located in Downtown Vancouver, where you will find a small lively old town featured with heritage brick buildings and historic character. It is not exaggerated to say Gastown is the perfect Vancouver engagement photo location for anyone who loves vintage and romance. The combination of dreamy lights, warm colour tone, sophisticated architecture would create the best Gastown engagement photos ever! Make sure you and your Vancouver engagement photographers check-in famous photography spots such as the Steam Clock and the Hotel Europe building, they would bring the most local, classic, and dynamic engagement pictures to mark your important day.

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Stanley Park is another must-check-in location for your engagement photo shoot in Vancouver. It is considered a green lung lying in beautiful Vancouver where you can find all nature components: green grass, forest, beach, rocks, and city skyline. If you are a nature lover and don’t want to spend time driving to further places, this would be the spot for your Vancouver pre-wedding photoshoot because Stanley park lies right at the edge of Downtown Vancouver, making it easy to commute. Since the place is quite large and contains various sceneries, a tip to make your engagement photoshoot more efficient and successful is to discuss with the Vancouver engagement photographers beforehand about the exact areas you want to go. Whether you can take engagement pictures with the peaceful beach and blue sky or with the mysterious green forest. It’s up to your taste but make sure you have a list of places to go in Stanley Park to avoid time-wasting!

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Another choice for nature lovers, especially those who loves the beach as you can tell from its name. Sunset Beach Park is not far away from Vancouver center, it only takes a few minutes drive! The beautiful scenery here will grace your Vancouver engagement photos in the most perfect way. Nowhere can beat the magnificent view of sunset in Sunset Beach Park. The ideal time for your Vancouver engagement photoshoot in the park is within the golden hour when you are able to see the glorious sunset light and the romantic atmosphere. And don’t forget to take your Vancouver pre-wedding pictures at the Engagement Rings Sculpture, one of the signature spots in Sunset Beach Park.

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UBC is known as the most stunning campus located in Vancouver. UBC’s campus consists of big forests, unique architecture, several gardens, and the sand beach. Therefore, it offers you different kinds of engagement photo concepts. The only thing you need to do is to plan up with your Vancouver photographers about the concepts, prepare lovely engagement photo outfits and you’re all set! You can choose whether to have indoor or outdoor couple photoshoots in UBC campus. Some engagement photo ideas: taking with the study buildings to bring back memories when you and your partner were students, becoming a cheesy and romantic couple in Rose Garden, or playing in the sand beach for an energetic engagement photoshoot.

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Granville Island is a fun engagement photo location in Vancouver. It is known as a popular tourist attraction, but it also can be your number one engagement photo spot because of its adorable backgrounds. Granville Island is like a small colourful vintage town with lots of cute boutiques, cafes, and local shops. That enables you and your Vancouver engagement photographers to generate different couple photo ideas such as hanging around the vintage coffee shop or chilling by the beautiful blue harbour. The playful and vintage backgrounds will help you nail your engagement photoshoot more than ever!

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If you want to go somewhere not too far other than these above places, Ambleside Park will be your ideal engagement photo location. It is a beautiful area in affluent West Vancouver with a sandy beach, stunning park, and seawall walking paths along the water. Once you’re done finding Vancouver engagement photo service, you can bring your photographers here for some amazing couple shots. The combo of the beach and the forest supports you to incorporate the nature perfectly and makes your engagement photos memorable. Sunset in Ambleside Beach is the most beautiful time of the day. Your Vancouver engagement photo shoot can’t be completed if you haven’t got sunset pictures.

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