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Brilliant Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding

Planning a wedding and stick to the budget might be the hardest thing you have ever experienced. You can be overwhelmed with a bunch of wedding expenses and fees that demotivate you along the way. But we’ve got you covered! Some brilliant and useful tips below will help you to save money on your wedding and get you to have some peace of mind.


Renting a venue and its wedding service probably takes up the most in your wedding budget. There are some tips below that could help wedding couples diminish considerably on their wedding expense:

  • Avoid Saturday Wedding: There is always high demand on wedding venue on Saturday as it’s the most popular wedding day of the week when most guests have their day off, being able to attend to share the joy with the bride and groom. Accordingly, the cost of renting a venue for a wedding on Saturday is expectedly higher than on other days. You can reserve your venue for the wedding day on Sunday or Friday night as it has lower price range.
  • Ceremony and reception at the same venue: plan your wedding ceremony and reception at the same place will cut the transportation expense and reduces the energy used for transportation and the emission gas to the environment. If it’s impossible to hold a wedding ceremony, wedding couples could try to find two venues that are conveniently walkable. 
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(Photo: Unsplash)


Wedding expense also consists of the wedding photography service. Make sure you do some research on affordable wedding photography packages that meet your demand in advance. Moreover, wedding couples can book your wedding photographers limited hours (ideally 8-10 hours) photographing on your wedding day instead of a full day. You can check out Wedding Wire for professional wedding photographers and wedding photography prices or visit 48 Studio for a wide range of Vancouver affordable wedding photography packages.

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Wedding couples may encounter a huge cost of wedding paper printing if they don’t know how to minimize it. Printing job for a wedding mostly includes invitations and menu cards. Some useful tips to save on your wedding:

  • Go digital: Yes! Sustainability has become a trend and a part of everyone’s lifestyle. The social network is used widely nowadays, you can use it to send your wedding guests invitation cards digitally. In this way, you save up hundreds to thousands of dollars of wedding printing fees and reduce paper usage, which is more environmentally friendly.
  • The combination: If you’re not ready to go paperless yet, you can consider combining the wedding schedule, menu, and invitation printed on one card. It will also minimize the printing fee as well as save your time on card distribution. 
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It can be stressful to pick your own gorgeous and affordable wedding dress and stick to your wedding budget list at the same time. A wedding dress can cost up to a thousand dollars, therefore, knowing how to minimize wedding and accessory costs will unburden your money pocket.

  • Buy Sample wedding dress: you can try shopping for sample wedding dress if the cost of a new one goes over your wedding budget. Normally, a sample wedding dress offers 50-70% off full-price, which will save a lot for your wedding. However, purchasing a sample dress requires additional effort. Therefore, make sure you do some research about specific sample dress sales beforehand.
  • Borrow accessories: A wedding dress is not the only thing you need to prepare for your look on the wedding day. Besides that, you still need to cover your accessories like wedding shoes and jewelry. To spend zero money on wedding accessories, you can use your family heirlooms on your memorable wedding day. They’re “old but gold” and carry meaningful messages.   
  • Have friends do wedding hair and makeup: Finding your friend who is skillful with doing make-up and have them help you on your wedding day. They can save you lots of money spent as the wedding hair & make-up service can cost hundreds of dollars. If you’re not able to find anyone, you can check out affordable wedding hair & makeup service on Wedding Wire or other places to select your suitable price option. 
(Photo: Unsplash)
(Photo: Unsplash)


Wedding flowers and decoration are the next things you need to considerThe average cost of wedding flowers and decoration is around $2500, which is quite a lot. Some tips below can help you save on your wedding:

  • Pick in-season blooms: It’s common sense that local blooms are normally less expensive than other off-season flowers. During planning your wedding, keep in mind to search what flowers would be available locally out there on your upcoming wedding day in order to have good wedding decor and theme directions.
  • Replace flowers with balloons and candles: Reduce fresh flowers for wedding decoration is deemed a good way to minimize your wedding expense. Fresh flowers can be replaced by balloons and candles. They are low-cost and beautiful alternatives that sparkle up your wedding venues. 
(Photo: Unsplash)
(Photo: Unsplash)


Even though a wedding fountain cake is a glamourous signature of a wedding, nowadays cake are simplified. The wedding couple can go for affordable wedding cakes which are shorter, have fewer layers, and simple decoration. 

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