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How to Plan Vancouver Cherry Blossom Pre-Wedding & Engagement Photoshoots

Spring is calling and it’s cherry blossom o’clock! Hurry up and get yourself splendid cherry blossom pictures before the season ends. If you don’t know where to go or how to plan for a perfect Vancouver cherry blossom pre-wedding and engagement photoshoot, check this post out!


Cherry blossom is the most beautiful season to celebrate spring. However, the season lasts for a short period and it only occurs once a year. To make pre-wedding or engagement photo sessions run smoothly and successfully, couples need to plan their cherry blossom photoshoots as early as possible. That will not only spare you more time for photoshoot preparations but also remove any time pressure because of last-minute changes. Even though it depends much on the weather, the best time to enjoy the festive season in Vancouver is around late March till mid-April when cherry blossoms are in full bloom. The ideal time you need to consider planning Vancouver cherry blossom pre-wedding and engagement photoshoots are one or two months in advance (from January to February).

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Besides engagement couples, cherry blossoms can serve as the best backdrops for family and friends’ photos and even portrait photography for the individual. Thus, no one wants to miss the most stunning and festive season of the year. The volume of booking photography service expectedly climbs high before and during the season, photographers are often fully booked during the peak bloom dates because everyone loves to have their stunning cherry blossom pictures with friends and family. So, hurry up! If you decide to have Vancouver cherry blossom pre-wedding and engagement photoshoots, find and contact your Vancouver wedding photographers as early as possible. You will have more options for desired date and time as well as let wedding photographers get a chance to discuss further your prewedding or engagement photo sessions

48 Studio is a Vancouver-based company offering the most Vancouver affordable wedding and engagement services for clients. Working with the professional wedding photographers from 48 Studio team will bring you pleasant experiences and ensure that you have excellent couple photos during this gorgeous season. In 48 Studio, we offer a variety of photography packages that fits every demand. You can check out our Vancouver affordable wedding photography packages & prices and drop a line to our studio if advice is needed. 

(Photo: Pexels)
(Photo: Pexels)


Cherry blossoms are the signature of the spring in Vancouver. The city during the season gets brightened and covered with the beautiful light pink and the joyful spirit of the magic flowers. It’s not hard to find cherry blossom spots around the city but some best places suggested below are considered more suitable for Vancouver cherry blossom pre-wedding and engagement photoshoots.

           Stanley Park: 

Stanley Park is beautiful in every season. Cherry blossoms season is not an exception where you can see numerous cherry rows and green grass spreading out the whole area, making the land stunning like in the fairy tale. 

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UBC is not only known as a school campus but also a land of beautiful nature. If you decide to visit UBC campus for cherry blossoms photos, make sure to check out Lower Mall, you will be amazed by the breathtaking view of cherry blossoms covering up the road path.

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           VanDusen Botanical Garden:

In VanDusen Botanical Garden, a diversity of flowers can be found during spring including cherry blossoms. The garden contains lots of giant cherry trees and open areas for Vancouver cherry blossom photoshoots. However, a small entrance fee will be applied if you want to visit the garden. But considering all those unique, stunning flowers and plants, it’s worth every penny!

           Queen Elizabeth Park:

The park is a free version of VanDusen Botanical Garden where also offers fantastic cherry blossom scenery. Take your chance to feature those aged stunning cherry trees, they surely help you nail your cherry blossom pictures than ever! 

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Kitsilano neighborhood is popular for its lovely cherry trees in springtime. Before your Vancouver cherry blossom pre-wedding and engagement photoshoots, you can take a stroll around the neighborhood in advance to see your shooting locations, especially along West 5th and 6th, Cypress Street, Yew Street where serve the best beauty of flowers.


Consider the fact that everyone loves seeing cherry blossoms plus the season lasts for a short time, popular places to enjoy cherry blossom undoubtedly will be very crowded. It’s recommended to schedule your Vancouver cherry blossom pre-wedding or engagement photo sessions with your local photographers at the early time of the day, preferably 30 minutes before sunrise. The time allows you and Vancouver photographers to prepare and get a warmup prior to the beautiful golden hour of the sunrise. 

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Don’t forget to plan on your look for the pre-wedding or engagement photoshoots too! You can search for inspirations and cherry blossom photography concepts from some websites specialized in engagement and wedding in general such as The Knot, Wedding Wire and Sowedding. Speaking of choosing pre-wedding or engagement outfits for cherry blossom photoshoots, you probably need to avoid pinkish colour as it will make you blended into the background. Some spring colors like white or pastels would be a better fit and help you stand out in cherry blossom pictures. The next thing you get to do is planning for hair and make-up. You can either choose to do it by yourself or get hair & make-up services depending on your budget and preferences. There are plenty of quality mobile hair and make-up services for wedding and engagements in Vancouver, you easily can search on Wedding wire or other websites to find hair and make-up service that’s close to your area and meets all your needs.

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