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Essential things to do the night before the wedding

Don’t get too stressed or anxious about the fact that your wedding is tomorrow! Instead of that, plan and make sure everything ahead of time is the key for you to get some peace of mind. Here is a helpful list of things you will want to do the night before the wedding! Feel free to comment and share your experience if you ever had!


To start your D-Day in a good mood and full of energy, a worthy piece of advice is to eat healthy food the day before the wedding. It will help you to prevent bloating, puffy eyes, and a puffy face. In addition, adding more vegetables and essential vitamins to your meal will offer you an energy boost and help you maintain a cheerful mood throughout the day.

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The next thing to note the day before the wedding is to double-check with your vendors. Confirming the arrival time of your wedding photographers, stylist, makeup services and any other details will make sure everything prepared for your wedding day gets ready or will give you time to adjust any last-minute changes. After checking with vendors, you should prepare your payments either via PayPal, e-transfer, or cash. If it’s physical check, you can put them in labeled envelopes and deliver them ahead of time on the wedding day.

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Take good care of yourself before the big day. Practice skincare routine to ensure you appear with the most glamour skin on the next day. You can try adding more steps to your routine such as serums, facial steaming, and face mask. They not only moisturize your skin but also make it absorb the makeup easier. If your day before wedding day seems too busy, don’t hesitate to quickly hit the spa! It’s where you’ll get the full skincare treatment without any effort. On top of that, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking water will help lower your anxiety levels, increase your energy, relieve fatigue, and more than that, it will lift your mood and make you enjoy the wedding day the most.

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After several days of preparing for the wedding, you deserve a truly relaxing time. You may experience some butterflies the night before the wedding because you have been waiting so long for this remarkable day. So, relax as much as you can! Try to enjoy yourself every moment. You can watch your favourite shows, read a book, and do meditation to get some peace of mind. Having quality time with your family and friends is also a good idea. Sharing your thoughts, your feeling, your emotions with your beloveds will erase your anxiety and jitters towards the wedding day

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Good organization will change the game and spare you lots of gold time during the wedding planning process. There are tons of things you need to bring to the wedding, thus, making a detailed list of these items is highly recommended in this event. Here are a few things suggested that you want to pack on the night before the wedding:

  • Personal items: accessories, shoes, dress, hair ties, tissues, flip-flops, …
  • An emergency kit: Band-Aids, safety pins, packets of Advil.
  • Lists of vendor details: arrival time, phone number, payments.
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After everything sets, it’s time to deliver your love and appreciation to those who always support and stick by your side through the wedding journey. Saying “thank you” is not hard to do but it means a lot. It’s a great way to show your care and recognition that help strengthen your relationships with your loved ones. 

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Besides photographs provided by wedding photographers, sometimes you may want to take some lively selfies, snap some real wedding moments of you being with your family and friends by yourself and keep them for your own. That being so, make sure to charge your phones and pack some extra chargers the night before the wedding, it will help your devices survive all day, and no need to worry about the phone dies.

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After all, preparing an early and good night’s sleep is a good way to end your day. Having enough sleep will keep you awake on your wedding day without caffeine, plus make your mental health more stable, enhance your mood and avoid any effect of sleep deprivation. Normally wedding couples need to wake up early on their wedding day to do make-up and other wedding preparations, so make sure you finish everything early on the night before your wedding then head to bed, set up the alarm and get a deep night’s sleep.

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