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The 6 Most Popular Wedding Themes

Wedding themes will help establish the tone for wedding day and will drive any aesthetic decisions made after that. The fact that there are several wedding styles and variants somewhat will make you feel a little bit overwhelmed. But we’ve got your back – A list of popular wedding themes with details and useful tips will help you figure out your ideal wedding theme for your big day!


No surprise! The classic wedding theme remains popular from year to year and will never go out of style. Generally speaking, a classic wedding theme frequently features a soft color scheme, plenty of clean lines, and beautiful white florals. The setting will bring you the vibe of timelessness, sophisticated elegance all over the place. If you’re not a fan of trendy wedding styles, then a classic theme is probably a good option for you.

Unlike other wedding themes, a classic wedding only involves simple decorations. The great part about it is that you can easily incorporate your signature style or personal preferences into the theme. For example, you can use unique textures like lace, embroidery, or rhinestones to add delights to your tablescapes. In addition, you can make your theme simple yet interesting by using contrast tones for flatware and stemware. To help you during the decoration process, don’t forget to look for classic wedding theme inspirations on websites like Pinterest or The knot, then customize and tailor them into your own ideas.


The rustic wedding theme is considered the most popular one in 2021 and continue to be on-trend in the future. The rustic theme gives off a more relaxed vibe that’s all about the wedding evoking a sense of chill. As you can imagine, rustic weddings will feature earthy elements, muted color palettes, the appearance of mason jars, mismatch vases, and so on. For that fact, rustic décor will be right up your alley if you’re a big fan of DIY. It’s absolutely meaningful when you can make your own wedding details and proudly tell your guests that those decorations are self-made. The best advice to choose the right wedding venues for this theme is to consider rural areas, places that involve vineyards, cellar doors or heritage homesteads.

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Garden weddings are perfectly suited to couples who have a love for the outdoors, it opens up a world of styling ideas for your ceremony and reception. The signature setting of the garden theme is filled with plenty of candles, flowers, and greenery centerpieces. That made the wedding atmosphere is incredibly romantic and unforgettable. On top of that, a garden wedding style could help save you some money on wedding decoration too! Choosing a garden theme means you already have a beautiful natural backdrop. To enhance its appearance, you can add some touches of flowers or soft fabrics elements, however, it’s totally optional. The only thing you need to consider garden wedding theme carefully is the weather condition. Therefore, make sure you plan your wedding day ahead and keep updated on the weather.

When it comes to Vancouver weddings, the garden wedding theme is the most popular during the summer. The beautiful nature and gorgeous blooms will surely make you fall in love. There are also numerous of wedding venues available in the summer, check out this post to know more about Vancouver outdoor wedding locations.

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Similar to the rustic wedding themes, bohemian weddings are all about embracing a laid-back atmosphere. Dream catchers, boho-chic vintage rugs, floral table runners, and wooden decorating elements are key to pulling off this theme. Note that the look of the groom and bride should match the spirit of the wedding as the bohemian theme is specific and unique. An airy wedding dress with lace details would work the best in this case. It comes with many different wedding silhouettes that you can pick one that fits your body the most. For venue decor, keep it simple and elegant, with oriental rugs lining the aisle and altar, decorative pillows, and hanging macramé decorations.


Modern wedding themes cover a wide range of styles. They can be either festive & vibrant weddings or minimal & loft-style weddings. It’s up to your taste! This year, we’re seeing sleek fabrics, dried florals, statement installations and velvety lounge zones in modern weddings. Additionally, people also use mirrors and contrasting colors & textures to enhance the look of modern weddings. When you’re seeking a wedding venue, make sure to select a high-ceilinged room as it reflects the modern style the most. Also, your modern wedding style would be on point if you choose timber or concrete floors plus large windows. Another tip is to ask your event planner about the newest trends and bring your signature style to your wedding decorations.

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Glamourous wedding style is all about luxury décor, delicate lightings, and stunning flower decorations. These are wow factors to everyone who joins the wedding. The main color palette should be refined and elegant – some popular colors used to be paired are gold, silver, white, black and gray. And don’t forget to add a little bit of sparkle to make your wedding feel more dramatic! For example, things like chairs, invitation cards, tableware, the wedding cakes can be made glitter. You may also play around with string lights, uplighting, or even candles to incorporate with your décor. When hosting a glamorous wedding, it’s advisable to choose a moderately formal venue such as ballrooms or historic venues. These places would give your wedding celebration a stronger sense of extravagant and opulent.

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