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Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photographers

It’s critical to select an ideal wedding photographer who will capture those meaningful moments and know your vision for your wedding day. There are numerous wedding photographers out there, but you can only choose one. For this reason, 48 Studio suggests you some tips to choose the right wedding photographers for your special day!


First thing first, deciding on your photography style will help guide you better along the process of choosing your wedding photographers. Therefore, you should start thinking of your favourite photography style, colors, and concepts, asking questions like what you are looking for in wedding photos, you want them either indoor, outdoor, or both. If you run out of ideas, don’t stress too much! There are lots of websites providing great wedding photos for inspiration that you can refer to, namely Pinterest, Unsplash, Pexels or check out our blog about wedding photo concepts.

For folks in Vancouver, you’ll have a lot of photo concept options as the city offers beautiful and romantic backdrops. Wedding photography Vancouver can be made vintage (Gastown), dynamic (Whistler, Lynn Canyon,…), or soft (UBC garden, Stanley Park,…). It all depends on your taste!


The next important thing is planning your wedding photography budget. Depending on your financial allowance, you should set your budget in a range. That will help you find your wedding photographers so much easier. In general, wedding photography cost from wedding photographers varies. Factors that decide the difference in cost are years of experience, wedding photographers’ reputation, equipment used, and the size of the photography team.

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When you have a list of wedding photographers on hand, now it’s time to “stalk” their work. In fact, checking photographers’ portfolios is considered important. It will help you get a sense of their photography styles and strengths. Normally, wedding photographers are flexible with different kinds of photo concepts. Yet, they still have their own style, artsy mood, and even unique camera angles. With that being said, a bit of good advice is to identify and note down their photography styles while viewing the photo gallery. That would fasten up your process, helping you to determine your wedding photographers.


Hearing from others’ opinions is also considered a great tip. It helps you make sure you’re hiring true professional wedding photographers for an important occasion. If they have the experience, then they should certainly have a lot of testimonials and great references from previous clients. You can find ratings & reviews online via their websites, Facebook pages, and make sure to read through them thoroughly. Another way is to kindly ask wedding photographers for previous clients’ contacts. Don’t hesitate to speak with them, they will give you a lot of insights, how the creative process looks like, the weaknesses, and the strengths of each photographer.


Meeting in person is exactly the time to build trust between you and wedding photographers. Additionally, during the conversations, it would suggest their personalities, whether you can vibe with them, feel relaxed or not. Make sure to only choose photographers that you feel trusted, feel confident to work with to capture the biggest day of your life.

One tip to figure things out is to ask questions related to their work, questions about your pre-wedding photoshoot, your style, and your expectations. Professional wedding photographers will confidently go through your questions, giving you relevant answers. They would also patiently spend time discussing with you to figure out the style, photo concepts as well as what you want in the wedding photos.

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