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Best Engagement Photo Locations In Vancouver (Part 2)

To continue the Best engagement photo locations in Vancouver (Part I), here is a list of other most beautiful locations for engagement photoshoots in Vancouver. This time let’s explore some places outside the Vancouver center. They’re made for young and adventurous couples who desire more unique and dynamic engagement pictures.


Lynn Canyon Park is a superb park in North Vancouver. It’s easy to access either by car or public transportation, and more importantly, it offers free entrance! With all walking trails, waterfalls, diverse ecology system, and breathtaking views, Lynn Canyon would create a great experience for outdoor engagement photoshoots in Vancouver. If it’s your first time going to the park and not sure where to check-in, here are some suggestions for your Lynn Canyon engagement photo session. Suspension Bridge is a must-go place, it has a spectacular and unique view, just make sure you bring along a pair of comfortable shoes walk and pose easily during your photoshoot at the bridge. Another stunning place for engagement pictures is by the river with waterfalls.

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Lighthouse Park is another beautiful place for outdoor engagement photoshoots in West Vancouver. It’s a hidden gem located in the rural part of West Vancouver on the North Shore. Here, you can find a diverse environment which makes it easier for you and your Vancouver photographers to plan the photo concepts. It consists of mysterious forests and splendid ocean views that you won’t regret! You can’t miss the signature Lighthouse as well, don’t forget to wear your most comfortable shoes because a small hike is required to reach there. But after all, it’s all worth it! You’ll get the best engagement pictures with your most important person. More than that, Lighthouse Park provides you the beautiful and cinematic sunset you could ever ask for! That can add to your Vancouver engagement pictures more colours and memorable moments.

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Whytecliff Park is one of the most Vancouver popular engagement photo locations. Even though a bit of extra legwork is required, you’ll be rewarded with magnificent scenery. You may not believe but all the beauty of nature for your best outdoor engagement photos exists here, from the unique ocean island, pebble beach, driftwood to mountain backdrop and rocks. It’s recommended to plan your engagement shoot at sunrise. Whytecliff Park has its best sunrise view in the summer, you can get your romantic couple pictures while still enjoying the most beautiful time of the day.



Deep Cove might be well-known for hiking, but this place can be a great engagement photo location for couples. Located in North Vancouver, Deep Cove is like a small unique town with its tiny harbour surrounding the beautiful mountains. In Deep Cove, you and your Vancouver photographers have a chance to create different engagement concepts as each area in this location brings distinctive vibes. You can stroll around the lovely village or stop by some cute coffee shops for your couple shoots. It is absolutely a perfect Vancouver engagement location for young and energetic couples where you could play some fun activities for the shoots like kayaking or riding paddle board during the summertime.

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If you are looking for an epic and surreal engagement photo location, it will definitely be Capilano Suspension Bridge. This spot is not only famous with locals but also tourists. With just taking couple photos in such a long dramatic bridge, you rock your Vancouver engagement photoshoot already. Why? The lengthy path suspended over the Capilano River will create the illusion that you’re floating above the trees and water. Plus, the path of the bridge is decorated with led lights, creating the magic vibe in your engagement pictures. Capilano Suspension Bridge would guarantee you the best breathtaking engagement photos that you may not find elsewhere!

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Whistler is a perfect engagement photo location for adventure lovers. It’s is located far away from the city center. Therefore, you need to make a detailed plan with your Vancouver photographers for a successful engagement photo session. There are so many beautiful things offered here! From the majestic mountains, suspension bridge, Sea to Sky Gondola to iconic Olympic village… Whistler delivers you the “wow” factor in every engagement shot. It even maintains its stunning views in any season. If you plan to have your Vancouver engagement photoshoots in winter, you can expect the shimmer white snow covering up the whole place. If it’s summer, then your couple photos would be covered with a charming green from the forests!

(Photo: Unspash)
(Photo: Unspash)

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