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Best Locations for Fall Wedding Photos in Vancouver

For soon-to-be-married couples, if you plan to have your fall wedding photos in Vancouver, but are still unsure about locations? Check this post out! Here are our picks for the best places for your fall wedding photoshoot in this beautiful city.


Fall is a great occasion for a photo walk around the seawall. In Stanley Park, you can see some of the most dramatic fall foliage in Vancouver city. The fact that Stanley Park is located in downtown Vancouver makes it more accessible for soon-to-be married couples. Taking fall wedding photos in Stanley Park during golden hour deserves a spot on your to-do list! The whole colorful foliage will be brightened up, adding more effect to your photos. Note that the Park is large and consists of different unique areas, therefore, it’s advisable to decide on specific fall photoshoot locations with your Vancouver wedding photographers.


Located in the heart of Vancouver, VanDusen Botanical Garden has become one of the hottest spots to visit during Autumn. You will have a chance to see a magical color palette of red, gold, and orange as the trees start changing their leaves. The combination of the lake and fall foliage nearby amazingly creates a dreamy vibe for your fall wedding photos. Don’t miss checking in the spectacular ginkgo trees in the garden, they will make your every shot worth it! There will be a small entrance fee, you can book tickets on their website in advance to prevent a sold-out.

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It’s not exaggerated to say UBC campus stays gorgeous any time of the year, and fall is not an exception! Every fall, the trees surrounding UBC campus turn to beautiful autumn colors. There are some great spots located inside the campus for fall wedding photos like Nitobe Memorial Garden or UBC Botanical Garden. These places ask to book tickets in advance, so prepare ahead. In addition, they are also open for specific hours, make sure to plan a detailed time with your Vancouver wedding photographers for the efficiency of the fall wedding photoshoot. If you don’t feel like checking in those gardens, you can simply take a stroll along Main Mall for the best fall wedding photos!

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Burnaby Mountain Park is undoubtedly a perfect destination for who desire dynamic fall wedding photos. The bright foliage together with breathtaking views from the mountain will blow your mind. To feature the best autumn vibe in your wedding pictures, you can try taking shots at Panorama Trail. The long colorful tree rows in two sides not only delivers its cinematic effect but also plays as a beautiful backdrop, making the couples pop out. If you choose Burnaby Mountain Park as the location for your wedding photoshoot, be aware and prepare for the weather. The temperature will be lower up there, sometimes includes little rain during the fall.


When it comes to fall wedding photo locations, we can’t miss Gastown! Autumn foliage covers the cobblestone streets of Gastown. There’s always magic in the air here, but the vibrant autumn vibes make it even more so. With the orange, red leaves, and brick building, your fall wedding photos will deliver the best vibe of autumn and make you completely fall in love.


Trout Lake is one of the best spots in Vancouver to soak up all those autumn colors before winter sets in. The place will serve you a breathtaking seasonal show with a sea of red leaves painting a ruby lane through the park. Couples will have the opportunity to try different fall wedding concepts for engagement and wedding photos. Make sure to include the fall reflection shot on the lake, the orange and red foliage on the water will create a beautiful and unique backdrop.

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