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Top 7 wedding photography trends that you can’t miss in 2021

The wedding season is just around the corner! It is the right time for you to catch up with wedding photography trends in 2021 to prepare your most beautiful wedding photo album that captures your memorable moments on the important day!


Outdoor sessions recently keep going strong as a wedding photography trend in 2021. Nothing is better than natural scenery where offers couples and wedding photographers great chances to get creative and generate the most beautiful wedding photos featuring nature’s charm. If you’re local in Vancouver, outdoor wedding photography is such a must. There are many great outdoor locations for both engagement and wedding photography that you don’t want to miss such as English Bay, Stanley Park, Gastown, … . Unlike studio wedding photography, outdoor wedding photo sessions are more affordable. You don’t need to spend a portion of money renting a studio, the stunning nature and outdoor backdrops will cover that instead. The only thing you need to do is to find your favourite outdoor locations for wedding pictures, your best wedding photographers, and you’re good to go! In 48 Studio, you can find the most affordable Vancouver wedding photography packages with professional photographers and services that meet your needs. (check out 48 Studio wedding photography packages here)

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As drones have become more accessible and sophisticated, wedding photographers start to incorporate them into their wedding shots. Drones accept no angle limit; it proves the best ability when shooting at spacious outdoor places. They allow wedding photographers to capture unique and gorgeous wedding moments from the air. Some ideas for a stunning wedding drone shot: gathering your wedding guests and arrange them in a specific shape or taking advantage of the dynamic background and have the wedding couples stay in the frame. Even though drone wedding photography is somewhat more costly than the traditional techniques, the outcomes will knock the socks off you. 

(Photo: Pinterest)
(Photo: Pinterest)


First look wedding shots never get old through time. The first look is the moment in the wedding day when the bride chooses to reveal her wedding look to the groom privately. It allows wedding couples to share their precious moment and express their emotions for the first time seeing each other as a bride and groom. Couples always embrace that emotional moment and might not want to miss it. Therefore, first look shots are essentials in the wedding photo album to present the one and only memorable moment of your most important day.

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Documentary wedding photography is one of the most favourite wedding photography styles recently and is expected to continue its trend in 2021. Documentary shooting styles require no direction from the wedding photographers. The wedding couples are free to enjoy their wedding, having the best time with their guests, and express every moment that comes naturally while the documentary-style wedding photographer creates a set of pictures that tells the story of the day. You are no longer under any pressure of posing for wedding shots but still, get your beautiful wedding photos full of sincere feelings and emotions in the most natural way. 

(Photo: 48 Studio)
(Photo: 48 Studio)


Proposal photography has been gaining popularity in recent years and continuing. The groom-to-be will hire secret wedding photographers to document and capture the magical moment during the proposal day. This wedding photography style is a great way to snap the beautiful moments, emotions of the groom and bride-to-be and share them with the family and friends on the wedding day. A tip to photograph the proposal more successfully is to check in the proposal location with your wedding photographers a day before the event so that Vancouver photographers can find and arrange good spots to hide and take proposal shots properly. 


If you’d love to have your wedding photos be more fun, playful, and dynamic, make sure to check this out. Wedding photography involving various kinds of props is on-trend. You can choose to shoot your wedding photos with different kinds of lights. They will create an outstanding contrast effect and add magic to your wedding photographs. Playing with smoke bombs is also another fun option that has been tried by most wedding couples these days. They bring an energetic and colourful photography vibe that boosts the spirits of both brides and groom in the frame.

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Last but not least, backlit wedding photography has become a vital part of every wedding photo album. This trend brings you the most unreal and cinematic wedding pictures that you ever ask for! It’s a matter of good compositions and lights, your wedding photographers will use photography skills to pull out the best moment of the couples incorporating the environment. The best time to shoot backlit wedding photos outdoor is sunrise and sunset time, when the light is soft and warm, which flatters the subjects. 

(Photo: Unsplash)
(Photo: Unsplash)

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